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Education - September 2015

  1. In Spring 2015, a subcommittee of the Education Committee and the JCCAE (Joint Committee on Classics in American Education)—Keely Lake (Wayland Academy); Ariana Traill (University of Illinois); and Sally Morris (Exeter Academy)—reviewed 5 applications for the SCS Pedagogy awards.  After concluding their deliberations, they made the following three awards:
  1. David Noe ($750.00) – Biduum Latinum Calvinianum (spoken Latin workshop at Calvin College)
  2. Ted Gellar-Goad ($650.00) – Wake Forest University students to perform an ancient comedy at the North Carolina JCL
  3. Heather Sharpe ($1050.00) – Experimental Archaeology with the Kylix: Drinking and Playing Kottabos
  1. In Spring 2015, another subcommittee of the Education Committee and the JCCAE—John Gruber-Miller (Cornell College); Robert Cape (Austin College); and Kendra Eshleman (Boston College)—reviewed 4 applications for the SCS Zeph Stewart Teaching awards.  After concluding their deliberations, they made the two awards to Ian Merrill and Petra Laohakul so that they can complete their teacher training requirements.
  1. In Spring 2015, the following committee—Richard Fernando Buxton, Jason Nethercut, and David Murphy—awarded the 2015 Coffin Travel Fellowship to Andrea MacIsaac (Boston Latin Academy) to attend the Vergilian Society’s summer tour “From Tuscany to Campania” (Summer 2015).
  1. The Committee on Minority Scholarships organized a panel for the 2016 Annual Meeting entitled "Classica Africana Redux: Re-Visiting the Classicism of W.E.B. DuBois" for the 2016 meeting in San Francisco. Mathias Hanses (Columbia University) organized the panel.  The presenters include Mathias Hanses, (Columbia University), Tom Hawkins (Ohio State University), Stephen Wheeler (Pennsylvania State University), Evan Lee (Michigan State), Harriet Fertik (University of New Hampshire), and Patrice Rankine (Hope College).
  1. Mary English (Montclair State University, VP for Education), John Gruber-Miller (Education Committee Member), and Teresa Ramsby (UMass Amherst) attended the first meeting of the Classical Languages Standards Revision Committee as representatives of the SCS. This committee is rewriting the national standards for classical language learning. The meeting was held in Alexandria, VA at the offices of ACTFL. A working draft of the new standards was developed at the meeting.  The committee plans to meet again in October and hopes to publish the new standards early in 2016.
  1. The JCCAE (Joint Committee on Classics in American Education met at the annual ACL Institute (June 2015 in Storrs, CT). At that meeting, the Committee discussed the progress of the revision committee for the National Standards for Classical Language Learners (see above). Keely Lake updated the JCCAE on the formation of the SCS focus group for K-12 teachers.
  1. In response to suggestions from last year’s JCCAE Committee, the VP for Education would like to revisit with the President and VP for Program the possibility of hosting (or co-hosting) a reception for K-12 teachers at the annual SCS Meeting.
  1. The VP for Education is consulting with the ACL to see if Latin teachers could once again apply for National Board Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Mary English, Montclair State University, Vice President for Education


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