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Education - Summer 2014

  1. In Spring 2014, a subcommittee of the Education Committee and the JCCAE (Joint Committee on Classics in American Education)—Bob Cape (Austin College); Ariana Traill (University of Illinois); and Nigel Nicholson (Reed College)—reviewed 13 applications for the SCS Pedagogy awards.  After concluding their deliberations, they made the following three awards:
  1. Krystal Kubichek (Pennsauken High School, Pennsauken, NJ) was awarded $700 to attend the 2014 American Classical League Annual Institute in order to introduce attendees to the Classics Club program, and work on developing new promotional materials and activities for the Club, a program initiated under the umbrella of the ACL.
  2. Eric Mentges (Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, Erie, PA) was awarded $1,000 to attend the 2014 Pedagogy Rusticatio of the North American Institute for Living Latin Studies as part of an effort to develop an oral Latin program at his school.
  3. Patrick Owens (Wyoming Catholic College, Lander, WY) was awarded $740 to attend the Greek program at the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome so that he can meet the demand for active-learning Greek classes to supplement his college's successful Latin program.
  1. In Spring 2014, another subcommittee of the Education Committee and the JCCAE—Keely Lake (Wayland Academy); Sally Morris (Exeter Academy); and John Gruber-Miller (Cornell College)—reviewed 9 applications for the SCS Zeph Stewart Teaching awards.  After concluding their deliberations, they made four awards to Brandi Boseovski, Stephanie Hutchings, Hannah Moore, and Wesley Wood so that they can complete their teacher training requirements.
  2. In Spring 2014, the following committee—Nigel Nicholson (Reed College), Jason Nethercut, and David Murphy—awarded the 2014 Coffin Travel Fellowship to Karin Suzadail (Owen J. Roberts High School and Middle School in Pottstown, PA) to attend the Paideia Institute’s “Caesar in Gaul” program in Summer 2014.
  3. The Education Committee organized a panel for the 2015 Annual Meeting on “Demystifying Assessment.”  Eric Dugdale (Gustavus Adolphus College) and Keely Lake, (Wayland Academy) are the co-organizers. The presenters include Yasuko Taoka (Southern Illinois University) and David Johnson (Southern Illinois University); Jacqueline Carlon (University of Massachusetts, Boston); Kenny Morrell (Rhodes College) and Michael Arnush (Skidmore College); Keely Lake (Wayland Academy); Ryan Fowler (Franklin and Marshall College) and Amy Singer (Franklin and Marshall College).
  4. The Committee on Ancient History organized a panel for the 2015 Annual Meeting on “Interactive Pedagogy and the Teaching of Ancient History.” William Bubelis (Washington University in Saint Louis) is the organizer. The presenters include Carl A. Anderson (Michigan State University) and T. Keith Dix (University of Georgia); Christine Loren Albright (University of Georgia); Gregory Aldrete (University of Wisconsin, Green Bay); and Lee Brice (Western Illinois University).
  5. The JCCAE (Joint Committee on Classics in American Education met at the annual ACL Institute (June 2014 in Williamsburg, VA). At that meeting former VP for Education Ronnie Ancona spoke briefly about an initiative to gather data on programs/academic departments that offer online opportunities for secondary school students to learn Latin and Greek.  The Committee agreed that such work was important and should be pursued and perhaps expanded to include online opportunities for undergraduate, graduate students, and K-12 teachers.
  6. In response to suggestions from last year’s JCCAE Committee, the VP for Education has been discussing with the President and VP for Program the possibility of hosting (or co-hosting) a reception for K-12 teachers at the annual SCS Meeting.
  7. The VP for Education is forming a subcommittee of interested secondary school Latin teachers to explore petitioning the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to allow Latin teachers once again to apply for National Board Certification.
  8. The VP for Education is working the VP for Program on initiating a series of webinars of interest to teachers of Classical Studies at all levels.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary English


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