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Professional Matters - January 2015

This report was delivered to the Board of Directors on January 11, 2015.

  1. The Subcommittee on Professional Ethics met to discuss an ongoing matter.
  2. The SCS Census has been completed, with over a 50% return rate. Delivery of data is expected shortly, and will be posted along with analysis provided by our committee.
  3. A member’s request to forward a survey via email to SCS members for a research project was not granted. It was decided to continue the practice of using the e-mail list of members for the business of the Society. Those wishing to contact the SCS membership may post on the blog or purchase a copy of the mailing list.
  4. Committee on Placement (Toph Marshall). Use of the Placement Service’s interviewing facilities by institutions dropped sharply this year, while about the same number of job-seekers registered. The Committee is interested in analyzing data from job ads in past years, and moving ahead, in order to chart trends in fields and rank etc. It was suggested that the SCS consider discounting the registration fee for the annual meeting for graduate students and non-tenure-track faculty. Ideally, two members of the Committee should be recent job-seekers.
  5. Committee on the Status of Women and Minority Groups (Christopher Nappa). Planning has begun for a panel at the convention in San Francisco. Since the Committee stopped gathering data, and has been for a few years now without demographic data provided by the organization’s Census, CSWMG is uncertain about the remit of the group. The committee spent some of its meeting discussing intersections between its work and the ongoing question of contingent faculty.
  6. Classics Advisory Service (Jeffrey Henderson). Responses to budget-cutting at two large state universities, with positive news in one case but the definite elimination of the Classics major in the other. Concern about attempt to create a new major in Ancient Mediterranean Studies at an historically African-American university but at present the Department of Classics still exists.
  7. The Committee began to discuss, and will continue to discuss, recommending that the Board issue a statement on proper treatment of non-tenure-track faculty, either as a revision of the SCS Statement on Professional Ethics or as a separate statement.

Respectfully submitted, John F. Miller


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