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Professional Matters - Summer 2014

This report was presented to the meeting of the Board of Directors on September 20, 2014.

1.  Data gathering

A.  A new version of the SCS Census has been prepared (to collect data from departments and programs from the academic year 2013–14). Adam Blistein has negotiated a service agreement with the University of Chicago Survey Lab, which will put the census form into an electronic format and will manage collection of the data. Solicitation of the reports on their programs by chairs and directors is imminent. We expect to have data for analysis by the start of 2015.

B.  Other relevant data on the profession, the reports of the Humanities Indicators project, for example, will be posted to the SCS website as it becomes available, and updated. Board members are asked to let the VP for Professional Matters know of existing relevant data that can be shared with the membership in this way.

2.  The Subcommittee on Professional Ethics

All proceedings of this committee are confidential until and unless it makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Since January I received eight requests from members for advice on various cases. One case was formally submitted to the committee.

3.  Placement Service

There was discussion of a job ad which openly declared a gender preference, in accordance with Canadian law allowing such searches to redress gender imbalance within a unit. We ran the ad only after requiring a statement of the legal basis.

4.  The Committee on the Status of Women and Minority Groups is sponsoring a panel in New Orleans to mark the 40th anniversary of Sarah Pomeroy’s book on Women in Antiquity.

Respectfully submitted,
John F. Miller


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