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Program - January 2016

The program this year attracted a record number of attendees for a meeting on the West Coast – some 2,478 paid registrants, of which 1,277 were SCS members or members of both AIA and SCS.

I am delighted to report that the program included some 21 panels organized by members, a development that is very encouraging.  Two of the seminars with papers circulated in advance were over-subscribed.  That is also a welcome development!   And another format for panels – author meets critic – was another positive addition to the attendees.

There were many stimulating panels, but as Vice President of the Program Committee I was happy to see that the SCS Program Committee Panel, The Future of Classical Education: A Dialogue, was so well attended and provoked a lively discussion.   Papers by the participants were so widely appreciated that we have published them on the SCS website.  In addition, Prof. Arlene Holmes-Henderson, University of Oxford, will be publishing her paper in Amphora.

Several members of the Program Committee met in San Francisco.  After attending the sessions, three suggestions emerged:  first, that the SCS Program coordinate  session times with the AIA, perhaps listing the times of papers as the AIA Program does.  Second, the Committee discussed streamlining the instructions for the Presiders at the sessions.   Third, the Committee members discussed the possibility of award winners responding to critics in a panel at subsequent meetings.  Finally, the Committee greatly appreciated the efforts of the Board of Directors who, following changes brought about in 2014, now also read abstracts in the first round of considerations.

The Presidential Panel on Contingent Faculty– a timely and well attended event -  has turned our attention to this development in Classics, as in so many other fields. It may be useful to collect information on the status of presenters to help shed a better light on this development in Classics.  The post-meeting survey is being prepared, and I do hope that all will respond in order to assure a better program in Toronto in 2017.

Respectfully submitted,
Michele Renee Salzman
Vice President for Programs


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