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Publications—Fall 2012

The Publications Division has been working with Oxford University Press on the publication of two new works for the Textbooks Series, Elaine Fantham's commentary on Cicero's Pro Murena and Jenny Clay's translation of an Italian commentary on Greek Lyric Poetry. It is also considering another Textbook ms., which was recently submitted and a monograph that was given preliminary approval before the Monograph series was suspended.

The Division together with the Board of Directors has also been considering the future of the Series. With other publishers showing more interest in textbooks and with developments in on-line publishing, it is uncertain whether a need still exists (as it once did) for this APA series, at least in its current form. The impending merger of the Publications and Research Divisions also impacts this discussion, since in the future we will have to be even more selective in what we can undertake with our limited resources (both human and financial). With all this in mind, I recommended to the Board that it suspend the Textbook Series in its current form but make a commitment to exploring the possibility of a new digitally published series of APA resources (which would include textbooks). Such a series would presumably be undertaken in partnership with a commercial publisher, and the APA’s role would be to provide advice and guidance to authors in some form, and to provide some sort of stamp of approval that would hopefully allow them to claim due credit for their work.

Finally, the Division instituted a search for a new editor for TAPA; the current editor’s search ends in 2013. We hope to interview finalists at the meeting in Seattle in January and to make an appointment soon afterwards.


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