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Publications and Research - January 2016

The Publications and Research Committee met on January 9, 2016.  Those present were Michael Gagarin, Chair, Roger S. Bagnall, Yelena Baraz, Adam D. Blistein, Neil Coffee, Anthony P. Corbeill, John Dugan, Laurel Fulkerson, Craig A. Gibson, Emily Greenwood, Hans-Friedrich Mueller, Eric Rebillard, Andrew M. Riggsby. Absent Samuel Huskey.

1. After thanking outgoing committee members Coffee and Riggsby, Gagarin welcomed incoming members Baraz (incoming Chair of the TLL Fellowship Advisory Board) and Dugan (incoming elected member).

2. L’année philologique. Mueller reported that the reorganization of SIBC (Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique), which owns L’année, has been successful. Dee Clayman has begun her five-year term as President of SIBC (the first American in that position), and the new French office at Lille has been entering records and tackling the many French items that were not entered in 2012 and 2013. The American Office has been running smoothly and the new Content Management System allows individual records to be posted online as soon as they are ready rather than only a few times a year (in batches). However, the person responsible for much of this progress, Eric Rebillard, has resigned as Director of the Database, though he will stay on until either a new Director is hired or L’année has contracted with a different publisher to manage the database and produce the printed volumes.

3. Digital Latin Library. The first half of 2015 was spent preparing the grant proposal to Mellon for implementation funding and finishing up the second planning period. They hosted two technical meetings with outside experts in April, a meeting of the Advisory Board in May, and a seminar on Latin Textual Criticism in the Digital Age in June. In the second half of 2015, they began the implementation stage, funded by Mellon. After finalizing the data model and Content Management System, they will concentrate on preparing pilot editions in 2016.

4. TAPA. Gibson reported that TAPA continues to go well. The cover has been redesigned to reflect the Society's new name, and the acceptance rate continues to be around 20%. He has instituted an Editorial Board, primarily to help him identify potential referees. Craig's term as Editor will end with the 2017 volume, so a search will be instituted in 2016 ending with interviews and the selection of a new Editor at the 2017 meetings in January.

5. Translation Committee. Gagarin reported on the meeting of the committee, chaired by Ann Mahoney. The committee is preparing a database of published translations. Most of the discussion focused on the structure of the database that will be produced and finding a host institution for the database. Incoming Chair Diane Raynor has had preliminary discussions with her own institution, Grand Valley State University, which is willing to host it, but many details still need to be worked out.

6. TLL. Corbeill reported that the new committee structure was working reasonably well. The most recent application to the NEH for three-year funding was successful, fully covering Fellows to be chosen for the period 2016-2018. The number of applications had increased slightly, perhaps because of the poor state of the job market. Tony's term as Chair of the Advisory Board has ended, and Yelena Baraz is the new Chair.

7. Communications Committee. This new committee, chaired by Chris Francese, was formed late in 2015. Its mission is (1) to advise the Information Architect on policy matters, (2) to identify and produce fresh content and images, (3) to monitor the website and social media, and (4) to develop these outlets to better communicate with members, other classics teachers and students, and the general public. The committee is very energetic, has come up with many good ideas, and is already working on several initiatives.

8. Monographs. Gagarin reported that a new volume of a commentary on books 68-70 of Cassius Dio, which was grandfathered as part of an ongoing series, is still in preparation for the APA Monograph series.

9. Membership Fields. Gagarin reported that in June the Board added two new fields to the current list, Women and Gender: Greek and Women and Gender: Roman. Since then other suggestions have been made. The P&R Committee approved the addition of Performance, Greek Late Antiquity (at the beginning in the list of literary genres and periods), Greek History: Late Antiquity, and Roman History: Late Antiquity. It also approved combining Greek Papyrology and Latin Papyrology into one area, Papyrology. These changes will go into effect in the Fall at the beginning of the membership renewal period. The Committee now needs to examine the entire list and see if other changes ought to be made.

10. Koenen Fund. Friends of Ludwig Koenen have contributed enough to make this a separate fund and they wish to use the proceeds to fund work in papyrology. A committee with one member from the Education Committee, one from our Committee and one from the American Society of Papyrology will advertise for proposals for funding and will select the recipients. Rebillard is the P&R representative this year.

Michael Gagarin
January 24, 2015


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