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Publications and Research - Summer 2013

Developments since my last report in January 2013:

1. Two textbook proposals that were grandfathered when we discontinued the print textbook series were submitted to the Committee. One was approved unanimously and will be sent on to OUP as soon as the author has finished making revisions suggested by our readers. The other has been reviewed, but further revisions have been requested.

2. In the process of voting to approve the first textbook, it became clear that the rules about voting rights of ex officio members of the committee were not clear and in addition seemed to be different for the two previous committees Publication and Research. After some discussion in the Committee, and some helpful research and recommendations by Adam, I recommend that the following clarification be added to the current wording concerning the composition of the committee.

Current Description

“The Publications and Research Division will be headed by a Committee consisting of the VP for Publications and Research, Chair; four elected members with 4-year terms; and the President-Elect, the Information Architect, and editor of Transactions, the chair of the TLL Committee, the chair of the APh advisory committee, and the Executive Director ex officio.”


“Of these, the Chair, the elected members, the Information Architect, and the editor of Transactions will be voting members, as will (during the remainder of their terms) the continuing appointed members of the old Research Committee and the Editor of the textbook series.”

3. The Mellon Foundation grant to study the feasibility of the DLL has concluded and we are in the process of writing a final report on the planning grant and are preparing to submit a new grant proposal to fund an initial period of implementation.

Michael Gagarin, VP for Publication and Research.


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