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Publications and Research - Winter 2014

Because of weather-related travel problems, several members could not attend, or could only briefly attend, our meeting on January 4. Here is a brief account of the proceedings.

1. TAPA. The editorial transition has been effected smoothly and Craig Gibson is now handling everything for vol. 144 (2014). In her final report Katharina Volk noted that TAPA had received 46 submissions in 2013, of which 9 had been accepted, 28 rejected, and 9 were still in progress. Submissions were primarily in the area of literature, about evenly divided between Greek and Latin.

Questions were raised about the name of the journal, in view of the pending name change of the organization. The following day the Board affirmed that the name would be reduced to the simple acronym, TAPA, and would no longer be known as Transactions etc.

2. TLL. Tony Corbeill reported that there was a drop in the number of applicants this year from 23 to 12; he noted that this was a return to what was normal before 2008. There seemed to be no decline, however, in the quality of candidates. The Committee was planning to interview 7 at the meeting. The committee is working to encourage more applications by sponsoring a seminar on Varro's "De lingua Latina" in Chicago and an at-large panel on the influence of the same author and text in New Orleans.

3. Textbooks. Luca Grillo’s De provinciis consularibus is now in the hands of OUP. This being the last volume in the series, the position of Textbook Editor is now discontinued. We are grateful to Sander Goldberg for his outstanding stewardship of this series during the last five years.

4. DLL. We have submitted a final report to Mellon on the planning grant we received from them, which was concluded in summer 2013. We are now in the process of submitting a proposal for an implementation grant for the initial phase of development. A Mellon official visited the University of Oklahoma, which will host the DLL; Sam Huskey reports that she was favorably impressed and has asked us to proceed with our proposal, which is due in March. If the response from Mellon is favorable, work will resume in late summer or Fall.

5. L’année philologique. Hans-Friedrich Mueller reported that a much needed software upgrade is now complete and records for 2011 should all be entered by January 31. [Note: The records for 2011 have now been entered except for those from the French office.] Regrettably, recent negotiations between the SIBC (Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique), the parent of L’année, and the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), which provides funding for the French office, occasioned some delays in adding new records to the on line database in 2013. We have been assured that new records will be added, and become, available in early 2014.

The American office has been making an effort to develop records for collected volumes, many of which were overlooked in the past and which do not seem to be a high priority for the French office. These efforts will continue.

6. Translation Series. The Translation Committee’s first priority is to develop a database of existing translations. Jeff Henderson is stepping down as Chair of the Committee and Ann Mahoney has replaced him as of January 5.

Michael Gagarin
VP for Publication and Research.


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