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Publications (Incoming VP)—January 2012

Katherina Volk reported that TAPA was doing well; 2011 had seen an increase in submissions. Sander Goldberg reported (in absentia) that the Textbook Series was also doing well with several new volumes in preparation. Both Sander and Katherina will be ending their terms soon; searches for their replacements will begin this summer.

The APA Monograph Series, on the other hand, has not been able to find an editor. In view of this, and in the absence of any clear rationale for having a monograph series, the Publications Committee recommends that the series be discontinued, although all past commitments would be honored. At the same time we will explore the possibility of expanding the scope of the Textbook Series to include other sorts of resources (including on-line resources).

The main task of Publications in the near future will be to work out the details of the merger with the Research Division. The Vice Presidents of the two Divisions will work together on this and present recommendations to the Board in September.

Michael Gagarin
Vice President for Publications (2012-2013)


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