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Archaeological Fieldwork as a Practical Classroom

David Romano

Archaeological experience is a valuable element of a Classical Studies student’s education and, in fact, it typically is mutually beneficial to the student and to the archaeologist. This paper discusses how a summer experience can forever link the written word in the library or the classroom, with the ancient city, landscape, monument or artifact.  Archaeological experience can also serve as an important learning as well as teaching opportunity for an undergraduate or graduate student as typically field students learn from one another as a routine of the project.  Furthermore the participation of Classical Studies students can benefit the particular archaeological project in a number of ways.  This paper presents information as to how Classical Studies students often bring particular training and skills to the archaeological project.  Typically the students have a disciplined mind and well organized and detail –driven skills that characterize the best of these students.  These same skills are needed by the archaeological field director to work towards the immediate and practical goals of the particular project.  The field is also a good meeting ground for philology students, ancient history students as well as archaeology students.  Archaeological fieldwork can carry over into the academic year by several means, through further coursework or through laboratory experience.  The speaker’s archeological project is one that is run like a field school in the sense that there are a large number of senior scholars as faculty, together with a large number of students, and each faculty member is invited to give a presentation during the summer to the assembled group.  The total group recently reached a total of 55 individuals. The speaker has also run a small archaeological project, with a total group of 4 or 5 where there is individual attention to the students who are given instruction in a number of different aspects of the field project and he has also led a study abroad program for his university during the 1980’s.

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