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CommentarySandbox: Creating Custom Digital Commentaries for the Classroom

Bret Mulligan

Haverford College

Do you write commentaries for (or with) your students? Or would you like to, but have been frustrated by the limitations and inefficiencies of using a word processing program to commentaries that display text, notes, and vocabulary? CommentarySandbox is a plugin for the WordPress CMS that mimics the easy-to-read format of Dickinson College Commentaries. With the plugin, you can quickly juxtapose notes and vocabulary (or other content) in tabs alongside a text. Because it builds on the powerful and popular WordPress platform, the plugin makes it easy to incorporate multimedia into your commentary, as well as other digital elements. (You can see an example of a student-created "Sandbox” commentary at In the workshop we will demonstrate the basics of how to use the plugin to build a digital commentary and have sample commentaries with which participants can experiment.

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Ancient MakerSpaces: Digital Tools for Classical Scholarship

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