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From Stone to Screen and the DIY Method: Digitization, Integration, and You

Chelsea Gardner

University of British Columbia

The From Stone to Screen project is an open-access digitization project founded in 2012 by graduate students at the University of British Columbia. Since its inception, it has evolved into a pedagogical resource for the study of ancient artifacts and epigraphic squeezes. This project has also been illustrative of the difficulties faced by small-scale DH projects with limited funding, and this presentation showcases some of the “DIY” solutions to these problems. Following a brief presentation about the current mission statement of the project, the directors of the project will demonstrate three aspects of From Stone to Screen through interactive workstations: 1) the process of squeeze image manipulation in Photoshop; 2) the various successful (and not-so-successful) web hosting platforms and social media endeavours; and 3) the open-access pedagogical resources produced through our collections.

Session/Panel Title

Ancient MakerSpaces: Digital Tools for Classical Scholarship

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