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My main research regards the ancient water system in the city of Rome in the first century AD during the time of Frontinus. Its primary purpose is to discuss the benefits and flaws of the aqueduct system at that time along with the changes the water commissioner Frontinus added to the system. Its secondary purpose is to show the universality of those issues by relating them to a modern system. For information about Roman aqueducts and water transport, I relied primarily on Frontinus' Latin text De Aquaeductu Urbis Romae for information. I also got information from a variety of sources in scholarly articles and books on aqueducts and engineering in the ancient world. To supplement the research on Roman aqueducts, I chose a modern city for comparison. This city, Pune, is one in which I lived for a span of four months and on which one of my colleagues did extensive water supply research. For supplementary information on Pune, I used my colleague's research as a base and let it point me in the right direction for other sources. In this research, I have discussed ways in which water commissioner Frontinus was important to the water systems of Rome, I have found ways in which Romes ancient aqueduct system is superior to even some modern water systems, and I have also outlined some problems which seem universal to the water supply industry.