By Erik Shell | September 5, 2019

The Braggart Soldier

The Shackouls Honors College at Mississippi State University presents a performance of the Braggart Soldier, a Roman comedy by Plautus.

The play, directed by Dr. Donna L. Clevinger, will be performed at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 24th and Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 in Griffis Hall Courtyard, Zacharias Village. Both performances will go up rain or shine and be free to the public.

This production is part of the Honors College Classical Week 2019. For additional information, call 662-325-2522.


By Erik Shell | July 23, 2019

Calling all Actors, Designers, and Creatives—to participate in a staged reading of

The Gladiator
by Robert Montgomery Bird

Directed by Rob Groves

Friday, January 3, 2020

SCS/AIA Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.

The Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance's annual tradition of staged readings at the annual general meeting will continue this year with a production of an engaging example of Classical reception, Robert Montgomery Bird's 1831 retelling of the Spartacus story, The Gladiator!

By Helen Cullyer | April 2, 2019

On March 15, the Aquila Theatre, in collaboration with SCS and the Onassis Foundation USA, produced a staged reading at BAM of Emily Wilson's translation of the Odyssey. You can read more about the staged reading here.

Congratulations to Aquila on its recently announced NEH grant of $250,000 for The Warrior Chorus: An American Odyssey.  This program will train veterans and scholars in three regional centers across the US to lead audience forums, workshops, and reading groups connected with a staging of Emily Wilson's translation of the Odyssey.

By Erik Shell | March 21, 2019

The Department of Classics and the Ancient Theater Performance Group of Cornell University present....

“The Trojan Women”
by Seneca

In the original Latin
Directed by Daniel Gallagher and Nathan Chazan
Sunday, April 21, 2019 – 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, April 24, 2019 – 7: 30 p.m.

Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium – Klarman Hall
Admission is free.
For more


By Erik Shell | September 11, 2018

Oedipus: A Greek Tragedy by Sophocles

Director: Donna L. Clevinger
Date: 6:00pm on Tuesday, September 25 & Wednesday, September 26
Location: Griffis Hall Courtyard in Zacharias Village



By Erik Shell | September 7, 2018

Calling all actors—designers—creatives organized and not—to join us in

Aristophanes' Assemblywomen

Translated by Jeffrey Henderson

Directed by Krishni Burns and Lizzy Ten-Hove
Friday, January 4, 2019
SCS/AIA Annual Meeting, San Diego

The Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance's annual tradition of staged readings at the annual general meeting will continue this year with a production of Aristophanes' Assemblywomen!

By Erik Shell | May 16, 2017



The Arsonists (a morality play without a moral)

by Max Frisch

Translated by Alistair Beaton

Fri, Jan 5th, 2018

SCS Annual Meeting, Boston

Directed by Laura & Mike Lippman

This year we will continue the tradition of CAMP sponsored productions with a staged reading of The Arsonists (a morality play without a moral) by Max Frisch, translated by Alistair Beaton.

By Erik Shell | November 17, 2016

A crafty meretrix skillfully plies her trade as three men, one from the city, one from the country, and a mercenary soldier, compete to outdo each other with gifts. She gets what she wants, they not so much. Christopher Bungard will direct Plautus' Truculentus as the annual staged reading for the Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance at this year's SCS meeting on Thursday, January 5th. Start the convention off right with a good old fashioned comedy. The show is free and open to the public.

The performance will be held at 8:00pm on January 5th in the Toronto Ballroom 1 at the Toronto Hilton. You can find more information about the SCS annual meeting here.


By Adam Blistein | May 19, 2016

One meretrix. Three lovers. Sassy cooks, grumpy slaves, and more. The Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance is looking for participants for our annual staged reading at the 2017 SCS Meeting in Toronto. This year we will be performing one of Plautus's favorites -- Truculentus. Is it love when an adulescens visits a meretrix or just business? Come help us share the skilled bamboozlement of three lovers by the crafty Phronesium. In addition to actors, we will also have need for a musician/musicians.

By Adam Blistein | March 28, 2016

Aquila/NYU is offering discounted tickets for Philoctetes, being presented in Brooklyn in April as part of its NEH veterans program. Tickets can be ordered here and $50 tickets can be purchased for $35 by entering the code SCS35. For group rates (10 or more) contact


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