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  • Higher Education Enrollments: The following is posted by permission of the Modern Language Association:
  • Each year the National Committee for Latin and Greek (NCLG) sponsors National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week (NLTRW), which takes place during the week of March 5th this year.  The SCS has joined the American Classical League and numerous regional and state organizations in this effort to encourage all Classicists at all levels of instruction to take steps that will ensure that Latin, Greek, and Classics pre-college classrooms have the teachers they need.  Thanks to the considerable public interest in Latin and the classical world, demand for Latin teachers at the primary and secondary levels has outrun supply, and there is now a serious shortage in many regions of the USA and Canada.  Each year, for lack of teachers, existing programs are cancelled, thriving programs are told they cannot expand, and schools that want to add Latin are unable to do so.
  • For a summary of ACTFL’s latest report on U.S. foreign language enrollments in public schools (2007-08), click here. The full report is available from ACTFL for purchase.
  • The On-Line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics. (launches new browser window)
  • ACL Teacher Placement Service: The American Classical League (ACL) maintains a listing of openings in primary and secondary schools for teachers of Latin and/or Greek
  • Undergraduate Programs in Classics: Statement of Purpose: A report by the SCS's Classics Advisory Service  (revised 4/2000)
  • Roman Comedy Available on YouTube: In summer 2012, Professor Sharon James (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and Professor Tim Moore (Washington University in St. Louis), co-directed an NEH Summer Institute entitled "Roman Comedy in Performance."  This Institute experimented with offering different versions of selected scenes from Roman comedy (Pseudolus, Bacchides, Casina, Eunuchus, Mercator, Persa, Truculentus). Participants produced twenty performed scenes from Roman Comedy, six of them in Latin.
  • New Latin Reading Assessment from ACTFL and ACL
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness | Federal Student Aid: If you are a pre-collegiate teacher and have student loans, read everything on this site carefully to see whether you may be eligible for student loan forgiveness and/or cancellation.

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