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2012 Committee on Ancient History Panel

Law in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Sponsored by the SCS Committee on Ancient History

Serena Connolly, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and Celia E. Schultz, University of Michigan, Organizers

This panel demonstrates the accessibility and importance of ancient law to non-specialists. The proliferation of TV shows about the legal profession and a dramatic increase in applications to law school attest the obsession with the law in American culture. As universities demand that we demonstrate our fields' relevance to contemporary issues and that the curriculum reflects contemporary research interests, the expansion of teaching ancient law is a timely issue. Presentations consider both Athenian and Roman law as they discuss successful methods for incorporating the topic into civilization, language/literature, and dedicated law courses.

  1. Victor Bers, Yale University
    An Advanced-Level Greek Course on Athenian Law Courts
  2. Kevin Crotty, Washington and Lee University
    Law and Laughter: Athenian Law in its Social Context
  3. Leanne Bablitz, University of British Columbia
    Living Roman Law
  4. Bruce Frier, University of Michigan
    Roman Law for Undergraduates: The Case for Law Itself
  5. Adriaan Lanni, Harvard University

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