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Note:  Most of the following organizations have rotating memberships, chairpersons, presidents, etc.  What is given below is a brief description of the organization's goals and activities (taken from their web pages when available) and the basic information that will enable you to find the resource, if the given URL should change.  Visit each home page for more detailed information.

North American Classics Organizations

American Philological Association  "Founded in 1869 by 'professors, friends, and patrons of linguistic science,' the APA is the principal learned society in North America for the study of ancient Greek and Roman languages, literatures, and civilizations. While the majority of its members are university and college Classics teachers, members also include scholars in other disciplines, primary and secondary school teachers, and interested lay people."

American Classical League  "The American Classical League was founded in 1919 for the purpose of fostering the study of classical languages in the United States and Canada. Membership is open to any person who is committed to the preservation and advancement of our classical inheritance from Greece and Rome.”

Archaeological Institute of America  "The AIA exists to promote archaeological inquiry and public understanding of the material record of the human past worldwide."

Classical Association of Canada  The CAC is the organization whose goal is to promote and foster the study of the Classics throughout Canada.

Regional  Organizations

Classical Association of the Atlantic States  The mission of CAAS  "founded in 1907, is to strengthen teaching and research and foster public support for the languages, civilizations, and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome in the mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania).”

Classical Association of the Middle West and South  The Classical Association of the Middle West and South was founded in 1905 as the first regional classical organization in the USA.  CAMWS is "a professional organization for classicists and non-classicists at all levels of instruction that supports and promotes the Classics" throughout 32 American states and 3 provinces of Canada.

Classical Association of New England  "Founded in 1905, the Classical Association of New England is the professional organization for classicists in the six New England states."

Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest  Founded in 1911, CAPN's "purpose is to support and promote the study of classical languages and civilization in the Pacific Northwest."

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