Help for Members Using Temporary Passwords

If you ask Johns Hopkins Press to remind you of your password or to provide a new one, and you then have difficulty logging into this web site, follow the steps below.  Keep in mind that, while the SCS web site ( can check information on the Hopkins web site (, at certain points you may need to toggle back and forth between the two sites.

  1. First of all, clear your cache, or use a different browser or device.  Then, on this page
  2. click on "Forgot your Password" in the lower left hand corner.  That will take you to this page:
  3. Once you fill in your username and click "Submit", the Johns Hopkins Press will send you a temporary password.  You'll still be at the URL above, but the page itself has changed a little and now has a link at the bottom called "Return to login".
  4. If you click on "Return to login", you end up on this page
  5. where you can enter your username and the temporary password that the Press has sent by e-mail.  Once you do that, you end up here
  6. You now need to change your temporary password to a permanent one of your own choosing.  The page you are on contains the form you use to pay dues online, but, instead of doing that, click on "Profile" in the top menu.  Doing so will take you to this page
  7. where you can click on "Change Password", which will take you to this page
  8. where you can change the temporary password to something you want. Once you do that, you come back to this page
  9. Then you need to go back where you started
  10. and enter your username and the password you just created.

If you have questions about your JHUP account, you can find a lot of answers on their FAQ page.

JHUP also has a dedicated email address for questions about SCS accounts:

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