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Submitting Proposals and Abstracts to the SCS Program Committee

SCS members in good standing may now submit proposals and individual abstracts to the SCS Program Committee for review at its meeting in June.  Before you make a submission, please read these descriptions of the types of sessions held at the meeting.  This document also contains detailed lists of the materials required by the Program Committee for each type of submission.  Please also read these general regulations concerning a member’s eligibility to make a submission. 

To get started, log into the

program submission site

using credentials you have established with the Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP).  The large majority of members created an account at JHUP when they paid dues by credit card or consulted the online directory of members.  If you need any help retrieving these credentials or creating an account, follow the appropriate link below:

If, for some reason, you have a different username and password at JHUP from the ones you use at (e.g., for the Placement Service), you must use the JHUP credentials.

Your membership must be current to use this site. If you need to renew your membership, please go to  If you are not sure whether you have paid your SCS dues for 2016, contact the customer service staff at the Johns Hopkins University Press at, 800-548-1784 (US and Canada only), or 410-516-6987 (all others).

If you have not yet paid dues for 2016, please allow AT LEAST A WEEK for your payment to be received and processed by Johns Hopkins before you make a submission.

Members submitting proposals for panels, committee panels, seminars, or workshops or reports of organizer-refereed panels or affiliated groups previously chartered to hold a session at the 2017 meeting should note that the system will again ask for the SCS member number of every participant in the session.

The deadline for submission of all proposals except individual abstracts will be 11:59pm Eastern Time on April 6, 2016. The deadline for submission of individual abstracts will be 11:59pm Eastern Time on April 26, 2016.  Visit to make your submission.

Special Note on Joint Sessions:  Members interested in making proposals for joint sessions with AIA in Toronto must submit separately to each society's Program Committee.  For the SCS locate the instructions for the type of submission you are making, and be sure to answer “Yes” when the system asks if you are also submitting to the AIA.  Where the system asks for a participant's SCS member number, you may enter "AIA Member" instead as necessary.  Keep in mind, however, that if the SCS Program Committee accepts the panel, but AIA does not, all participants in the session will need to pay SCS dues for 2016.  Please consult AIA guidelines for details on their submission process and note that if you intend to submit a proposal for a joint session, the submission deadlines for AIA are March 13, 2016, and March 27 (with $25 fee).

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