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In January the Amphora editorial board enjoyed a spirited conversation about the future of footnotes. Will they become—have they perhaps already become—the "slide rules of the humanities," legendary, nostalgia-evoking, but outdated, tools?

The world in which footnotes vanish, having been fully supplanted by links, mouse-overs, pop-ups, and the like, is that not-so-distant future world in which print has been replaced by all the various forms of digital communication that surround us today—and probably by many forms that most of us cannot yet imagine. But that day has not yet come. That Amphora would continue to publish a print version alongside its new presence in the APA blog and soon-to-emerge increased visibility on the APA website is not a choice the editorial board made without considerable conversation and thought. Put very simply, the argument for keeping the print version was that the editorial board wanted Amphora to remain a physical presence that is easy "for us to share, and for others to pass along to their friends." That Amphora should be easily shared and re-shared is a sentiment that all of us on the editorial board warmly embrace.

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About Amphora

Amphora is a peer-reviewed publication of the Society for Classical Studies that aims to convey the excitement of classical studies to a broad readership by offering accessible articles written by scholars and experts on topics of classical interest that include culture; classical tradition and reception in the arts; and reviews of current books, films, and web sites. Sponsored by the Committee on Communications and Outreach and supported by the SCS, Amphora is intended for anyone with a strong interest in or enthusiasm for the classical world.

Nota Bene

As of 2018 Amphora has been discontinued as a publication of the Society for Classical Studies. We thank the authors, editors, and SCS members whose tireless work made this publication possible.

PDFs for previous issues of Amphora are linked above. Any further questions about this publication should be directed toward

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