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Program Strengthening

  1. Read the information on the home page, especially the General Advice section. Then assess your own situation as realistically as possible. The SCS now also provides guidelines for establishing and improving undergraduate programs
  2. Join all relevant organizations, regional, state and local. If you're not already a member, join the SCS and familiarize yourself with its resources.
  3. Establish contacts as widely as possible. These may range from Classics colleagues in major research departments (especially if they are close by) to local teachers (just call the schools -- public and private -- and ask for the Latin teacher). You should definitely know all the classicists in the near vicinity, especially if your institution is somewhat isolated.
  4. Attend meetings. The SCS's annual meeting has many useful program sessions in addition to the Workshop on Small Departments organized during the 1996 meeting. Most other organizations meet at least annually and generally include pedagogical and program-enhancing sessions.
  5. Seek out and get to know individuals in situations like yours. Many others have been in similar situations at similar institutions or are facing similar crises (financial or otherwise) today. They can give advice and provide moral support. And they may also be able to offer ways of sharing resources or collaborating on projects, which can be especially helpful for small departments.

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