Classics at Howard University

Howard University is the only HBCU in the United States with a Classics Department, which has been a part of the institution since its inception in 1867. SCS has recently received the following news from the Department:

"Howard University has decided to close the Department of Classics as part of its prioritization efforts and is currently negotiating with the faculty of Classics and with other units in the College as to how they might best reposition and repurpose our programs and personnel. These discussions have been cordial, and the faculty remains hopeful that the department can be kept intact at some level, with its faculty and programs still in place." 

The Board of Directors of the Society for Classical Studies strongly supports all the faculty, including all non-tenure track faculty, and students in the Department of Classics. The SCS Classics Advisory Service will continue to make itself available to all at Howard in order to advise and support the department, its programs, students, and all faculty.

The SCS Board of Directors, 4/16/21


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The Archaeological summer school in Abruzzo (Italy) 2016 is a four-week course organized in collaboration with Soprintendenza Archeologia dell'Abruzzo and with the important support of other research centers for Mediterranean studies: ICCOM-CNR U.O.S. of Pisa, Institute for Mediterranean Studies (IMS) of Crete and INGV of Roma.

The aim of our intensive course is to increase awareness and competencies about archaeological and methodological issues through an intensive four week program of lectures, laboratory and field activities.

Essential Information about the Summer School:

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Learn Ancient Greek or Latin this summer at UC Berkeley's world-renowned Summer Workshops, a Berkeley tradition for over thirty years!   These intensive ten-week courses provide the equivalent of 2+ semesters of work in the language.  During the first six weeks, students learn grammar and basic vocabulary; during the last four, they read a variety of works in the original (e.g., in the Greek Workshop, Homer, tragedy, Plato, the Gospels; in the Latin Workshop, Cicero, Caesar, Virgil, Ovid).  Partial scholarships are available.

For more information, go to

Or contact the Workshop Directors: 

Daniel Esses (Greek Workshop):
Tom Recht (Latin Workshop):

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Mouseion: Journal of the Classical Association of Canada is pleased to announce a Call For Papers for an upcoming Special Issue, Death of a Gadfly: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Trial and Execution of Socrates, guest-edited by John Harris (Associate Professor, History and Classics, University of Alberta) and Kathrin Koslicki (Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, Philosophy, University of Alberta).

Many questions persist today concerning the circumstances surrounding Socrates’ trial and execution as well as his life and the substance of his philosophical views.  How and why was Socrates brought to trial?  Why did the Athenian jurors, who were after all members of the world’s first democracy, find him guilty?  Were the official charges against Socrates in fact trumped up?  Was the real motivation behind his conviction political?  Why did Socrates refuse to accept the opportunity to escape execution and instead submit to a verdict which both he and his friends thought unjust?  Would we not expect Socrates of all people to refuse to carry out a legal injunction which he considered immoral?

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Please follow these instructions to submit proposals and individual abstracts to the SCS Program Committee.  All submissions except individual abstracts must be submitted by 11:59pm, Eastern Time, on April 6, 2016.  The deadline for individual abstracts is 11:59pm, Eastern Time, on April 26, 2016

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No one who was present at the presidential panel organized by John Marincola in San Francisco will soon forget the combination of analysis, passion, and practicality offered by the speakers, as they sought to quantify and personalize the plight of those looking for permanent academic employment today (Eleanor Dickey, Stephanie Budin), to suggest a wider range of career possibilities for those with doctorates in classics and the humanities more broadly (John Paul Christy), and to propose ways large and small in which all of us can help make the working conditions of adjunct faculty more humane and more likely to keep them active members of our scholarly community (Toph Marshall). John’s introduction, the four talks, and the discussion period are now available as audio files on the Society’s web site  If you missed the session (or couldn’t find a place in the packed room), this is your chance to catch its compelling story.

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Access to Program Submission System.  We are about to open the online system that will permit members to make submissions to the SCS Program Committee.  As explained here, you must be an SCS member in good standing for 2016 to use the submission system, and you must use credentials you have established with the Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP).  If, for some reason, you have a different username and password at JHUP from the ones you use at (e.g., for the Placement Service), you must use the JHUP credentials.

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The University of Oxford is hosting the International Workshop on Dionysius the Areopagite on 18-20 July, 2016.

Attendance fees are as follows:

Early regular registration £60 (before 10 April), regular £90
For enrolled students £40 (before 10 April), regular £75

To register for the conference, contact  Please contact for any enquiries.

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PhilPapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers.

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The Nominating Committee has recruited this slate of candidates for the election to take place this summer.  Members are reminded that it is possible to nominate additional candidates by petition.  Nominations of candidates not proposed by the Nominating Committee shall require the signature of twenty members in good standing (2016 dues must be paid) and must be reported to the Executive Director by April 15, 2016.  A current curriculum vitae of the candidate, who must also be a member in good standing, should be submitted by the same deadline.

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Numbers, quantification, and calculation are ubiquitous in the historical record of Classical Greece and exhibit a range of ideological and communicative meanings. This conference will bring together the growing number of scholars working on numbers in contexts of mass communication – both real (inscriptions, oratory, drama) and imagined (e.g. speeches in historiographical contexts), and those working on ancient numeracy. Our aim will be to explore the ideological meanings and communicative functions of numbers in classical Greece, and democratic Athens in particular. To this end, we would welcome papers from both established researchers and graduate students dealing with any of the following questions:

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