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From the SCS Leadership

Dear Colleagues,

In this, my first presidential letter, I want to begin by acknowledging the singular honor of being elected to this office by you, the members. My predecessors have set a high standard and I hope not to fall short of their distinguished example. I thank especially my immediate predecessors, Denis Feeney and Kathryn Gutzwiller, for all the help they have given me as I assume this role, and for the leadership they have shown as the Society has moved forward to take on new roles and new challenges.

In this context, I write to inform you of an exciting new initiative by the Board and to encourage those of you who are interested to volunteer for service.

In an effort to be in better communication with members and to hear the interests and concerns of members less well represented in the past, the Society is creating four new advisory groups: one for non-tenure track faculty, including adjuncts, part-timers, and those with temporary appointments; one for primary and secondary school teachers; one for independent scholars; and one for graduate students. A member of the Board of Directors will coordinate the efforts of each group but the Board member’s task will be simply to facilitate communication with the Board; the coordinator will neither set an agenda nor direct the discussion. It is our hope that these groups will help the Society to represent better all of its members.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these groups or would like to nominate someone you think would be appropriate, please email me at with an indication of your interest and a brief note on your background.

We hope to have the groups set up by the end of April.

Finally, let me add that I am happy to hear from any member at any time and on any issue that she or he thinks important for the Society.

With best wishes,
John Marincola


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