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The Odyssey: A Staged Reading and Discussion
Date/Time: March 15th, 7.30pm
Venue: Fishman Space, BAM Fisher (321 Ashland Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217)

A distant war, a long-awaited return, a journey back, a homecoming, a wife and husband, and revenge: the arc of Homer’s Odyssey comes to life in Emily Wilson’s translation that is both contemporary and faithful to the musicality and physicality of the ancient Greek epic. Join the Aquila Theatre and Emily Wilson for a staged reading of an abbreviated version of Wilson’s translation; and a post-show discussion with the translator, an actor and veteran from Aquila’s Warrior Chorus, and a veteran’s partner. What does the Odyssey mean today to veterans and their families? What does Wilson’s new translation in iambic pentameter bring to the text that others have missed? How does performance help us to experience the Odyssey in new ways?

Ticket Price: FREE


Rental Disclaimer:

This event is presented by the Society for Classical Studies, Aquila Theatre and the Onassis Foundation USA. BAM house and ticketing policies may not apply. BAM membership benefits do not apply.


(Photo: "Reproduction of the 'Ladies in Blue' Fresco," CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication)

(Photo: Emily Wilson, copyright Kyle Cassidy)

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