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Special Events at the Annual Meeting

All events described below will take place in the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel unless otherwise noted.


AIA Public Lecture
6:00 P.M.–7:00 P.M.
Continental Ballroom 7, 8, & 9

This year’s AIA Public Lecture, entitled “Looting and Beyond: Rediscovering the Early Cycladic Sanctuary on Keros”, will be given by Prof. Colin Renfrew. There is no cost to attend.

Distinguished Service Award - Donald Mastronarde

Donald J. Mastronarde is about to retire from full-time teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught since 1973. In that time he has received numerous awards for distinguished scholarship including a Guggenheim fellowship in 1984, an ACLS fellowship in 1996, an NEH fellowship in 2001, a Loeb Classical Library fellowship in 2009 and our own Goodwin Award for his Cambridge text and commentary on Euripides’ Phoenissae.

Distinguished Service Award - Adam Blistein

It is with pleasure, pride, gratitude, and a certain measure of regret that the Board of Directors of the Society for Classical Studies presents the Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Adam D. Blistein.

Goodwin Award - Emily Mackil

By the late fourth century, almost half the poleis of mainland Greece and the Peloponnese had become part of one koinon or another. These "common polities" began to emerge during the archaic period, and reached their most developed form by the fourth century, flourishing until the Romans took over in the second century BCE.

Goodwin Award - Jackie Elliott

In the world of Greek philology, the beginnings are the wellspring of everything to follow: the ocean of Homeric poetry flows through and around every subsequent expression of creative thought in Greek literary tradition. The scholars who devote themselves to the Homeric tradition look back to two monumental texts, preserved and obsessively reread through the centuries, and offering limitless opportunities to find new meanings in them and in the literary culture they have endowed.

Goodwin Award - Joshua Billings

Joshua Billings’ Genealogy of the Tragic: Greek Tragedy and German Philosophy (Princeton University Press, 2014) shows how a closely knit group of German idealist thinkers around Friedrich Schiller in Jena developed the category of the tragic as distinct from the actual literary works, underlying them as an ideal concept. He does so by rethinking the 18th century reception of ancient tragedy, and embeds it in a shift away from the paradigms in which that century tried to understand the impact of antiquity on the present.

Outreach Prize - Amy R. Cohen

The Outreach Prize Committee has awarded the 2015 Outreach Prize of the Society for Classical Studies to Dr. Amy R. Cohen, Professor of Classics at Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia. Professor Cohen has revived a tradition of historically informed, outdoor performances of classical Greek drama at Randolph College. The Greek Play was introduced by Mabel K. Whiteside at what was then Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in 1909. The tradition was continued until 1954, and then revived by Professor Cohen in 2000, with a production of Sophocles’ Antigone.

Collegiate Teaching Award - Karen Rosenbecker

Not every department gets hit by a hurricane, but not every department has a Karen Rosenbecker to help it rebuild. In the aftermath of Katrina, as Dr. Rosenbecker arrived to take up her assistant professorship at Loyola University New Orleans, Classics was struggling to deal with sharply declining college enrollments and a required merger with Modern Languages. Dr. Rosenbecker stepped in and immediately revamped the undergraduate Greek program, whose enrollments were low and unstable.

Collegiate Teaching Award - Sophie Mills

One year after arriving at UNC Asheville as a new assistant professor, Dr. Sophie Mills found herself the chair of a tiny unit which had just lost several faculty members to retirement. Dr. Mills has worked tirelessly to rebuild the department, to reinvent the curriculum, and to recruit and mentor students. The result is a flourishing department which, in proportion to total enrollments at this small liberal arts campus of UNC, is now one of the strongest undergraduate classics programs in the state.

Collegiate Teaching Award - Antony Augoustakis

Every semester the University of Illinois publishes a list of teachers ranked as excellent by their students. And virtually every semester Dr. Antony Augoustakis’s name appears on that list, whether he teaches an introductory course on Roman civilization or a graduate course in Latin Prose composition.

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