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Affiliated Groups


An affiliated group is a group having an organizational structure independent of the SCS. The affiliated group has a common purpose and/or scholarly interest, usually representing a special field or ancillary discipline. Affiliated groups maintain membership lists, and the majority charge dues and circulate newsletters. Affiliated groups are chartered for five-year periods for participation in the SCS/AIA Joint Annual Meeting. The five-year charters are of two types: Category I and Category II.

The following groups currently have charters from the Program Committee:

Category I

  • American Academy in Rome
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  • Associated Colleges of the Midwest/Great Lakes Colleges Association
  • Association of Ancient Historians
  • Classical Association of the Middle West and South
  • College Year in Athens
  • Etruscan Foundation
  • Forum for Classics, Libraries, and Scholarly Communication
  • INSTAP Study Center for East Crete
  • Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome
  • National Committee for Latin and Greek

Category II

  • American Association for Neo-Latin Studies
  • American Classical League
  • American Friends of Herculaneum Society
  • American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy
  • American Society of Papyrologists
  • Classics and Social Justice
  • Digital Classics Association (DCA)
  • Eos: Africana Receptions of Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Eta Sigma Phi
  • Friends of Numismatics
  • International Plutarch Society
  • International Society for Neoplatonic Studies
  • Lambda Classical Caucus
  • Medieval Latin Studies Group
  • Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Society for Ancient Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions
  • Society for Late Antiquity
  • Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature
  • Society for the Study of Greek and Latin Languages and Linguistics
  • Vergilian Society
  • Women's Classical Caucus

A Category I charter entitles the affiliated group to meeting space, on a space-available basis, at the SCS/AIA Joint Annual Meeting for a business meeting and/or reception, provided the affiliated group has no outstanding financial obligations to the SCS. The business meeting and/or reception will be noted on the SCS Annual Meeting Program.

A Category II affiliation, in addition to all the privileges of a Category I charter, also entitles the affiliated group to a panel or paper session listing on the SCS Program, provided the papers for these sessions are anonymously refereed by the affiliated group. Abstracts for affiliated group panels are submitted directly to the designated organizers.

Please note the following regulations regarding Affiliated Group Panels:

  • Panel organizers have the right to cancel their panels if submitted abstracts are, in their judgment, insufficient in number, quality, or relevance to constitute a valid panel.  The panel must be canceled if the organizers receive fewer than 4 abstracts for consideration or accept fewer than 3.
  • Only papers submitted anonymously by the announced deadline and accepted through a process of anonymous review may be presented.
  • Although the organizers may appoint presiders and discussants/respondents for their sessions, invited talks are not permitted.
  • Reviewers and organizers may not present papers although they may serve as discussants/respondents.
  • At least two reviewers must be appointed by the organizer(s), and all reviewers must review every abstract submitted for the session. The organizer who receives the abstracts cannot serve as a reviewer.
  • If a paper is accepted for an Affiliated Group Panel, a member may not submit another abstract for consideration by the Program Committee for a regular paper session. Members wishing to present a paper in a panel organized by an affiliated group must have paid SCS membership dues for 2013.  A presenter who is responding to a call for abstracts from an affiliated group is not eligible for a waiver of the membership requirement.

Submission Requirements for a Report on an Affiliated Group Panel for the 2014 Annual Meeting

  • Please see the eligibility requirements and related policies for submitting a proposal or abstract to the Program Committee.
  • Link to the submission system and select “Reports” from the menu at the top of the page with the tan background. Follow the system prompts to complete your submission. You will be required to provide:
  • The name of the affiliated group and a title for the session
  • The name and academic institution of the organizer who received abstract submissions
  • The number of abstracts you received and the number you accepted for presentation
  • The name and academic institution of every reviewer of these abstracts
  • The name, academic institution, and length of presentation (in minutes) for anyone giving an introduction to the session.
  • The name, academic institution, paper title, and length of presentation (in minutes) for each speaker
  • The name, academic institution, and length of presentation (in minutes) for any discussant or respondent
  • An abstract (maximum of 650 words excluding bibliography) for every paper to be presented in your session (each to be typed or pasted into a text box). 
  • Speakers' audio-visual needs (if any).

You will also be asked to indicate whether you have submitted this proposal to the AIA and that you have confirmed the membership status of all participants in the session.

Submission Requirements for an application for recognition as a five-year affiliated group (2015 -2019 Annual Meetings)

  • Please see the eligibility requirements and related policies for submitting a proposal or abstract to the Program Committee.
  • Link to the submission system and select “Applications” from the menu at the top of the page with the tan background. Follow the system prompts to complete your submission. You will be required to provide:
  • The name of the organization
  • The name, academic institution, and contact information of the organizer(s)
  • The type of charter you are requesting.

For a Category I Charter:

  • the scholarly purpose and composition of the group
  • the present leadership organization and structure of the group
  • past and proposed activities at the Annual Meeting

For a Category II Charter:

  • All the information required in an application for a Category I charter (above) plus
  • An explanation of the research focus and scholarly purpose of the group in which the following questions are answered:
    • How does your topic contribute to Classical Studies?
    • What kinds of activity will be represented by the membership of the group?
  • A plan for leadership: Several formats are possible and the Program Committee will be quite flexible about endorsing well justified structures that appear to meet the group's needs. The plan must include:
    • identification of some administrative officer to ensure a continuing identity for the group
    • a provision for sharing and rotating responsibility among decision makers
    • a guarantee that the participation of younger scholars will be encouraged and respected
  • A plan for refereeing abstracts: To ensure double-blind refereeing, some officer who is not a referee should be designated to receive and distribute papers and to announce decisions. The statement should mention how referees are to be selected from among the membership of the group; by what means their opinions will be coordinated; and how they will report their decisions. It would be an added advantage if referees could provide substantive comments on papers they do not accept.

Additional Policies Pertaining to Affiliated Groups

  • All financial indebtedness to the SCS must be discharged before a new program session or any other Annual Meeting Program activity will be scheduled. Please note in particular that affiliated groups are responsible for the cost of audio/visual equipment and labor for their sessions.
  • No session will be listed in the SCS Annual Meeting Program that has not previously provided an open announcement of its officers and topic for that year, and description of procedures for anonymous refereeing.
  •  In order to fulfill its legal obligations, the SCS is required to reserve the right of final approval for all activities scheduled at the Annual Meeting.
  • No member may submit more than one abstract at a given deadline or make more than one appearance on the Program.
  • All General Requirements (e.g., APA Membership, Annual Meeting Registration, Single Appearance, etc.) for participation on the SCS Annual Meeting Program also pertain to Affiliated Groups.
  • During the period of the group's charter, it is essential that the organizers of affiliated groups notify the SCS Office of any changes in the names or addresses of responsible officers.

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