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A colorful fresco of a woman seated in a toga looking at a statue and a painting, held up by a boy. Behind here are two other women.

Blog: Contingent Faculty Series: A Conversation with Dr. Reema Habib

Reema Habib, Joshua Nudell |
A bronze statue of a shirtless black person wearing jeans lies horizontally, facing away from the camera. Behind it is a brightly-colored canvas with a painting of a young black woman lying on her back, eyes closed, arms spread, in a white tank top, jeans, and sneakers. Behind the person, the background is covered in yellow and red flowers.

SCS Diablog: Forever in Bloom: Kehinde Wiley’s Archaeology of Silence

Richard Armstrong, Casey Dué |
Stone ground with patches of green grass growing through its cracks, with a raised stone platform at one end. The sky is blue with two white clouds.

Blog: Civic Engagement in the Classroom, part 2

Joanna Kenty |
A marble relief depicting man wearing a toga sitting in a chair while a woman stands behind him placing a crown on his head.

Blog: Civic Engagement in the Classroom, part 1

Joanna Kenty |
An illustration of a woman standing under a portico against a gold background. She is fully covered in a long, draped dress and veil, with only her face showing and her hands raised.

Blog: Women in Roman Higher Education: Marginal(ized) Learners, Teachers, and Intellectuals

Sinja Küppers |
A black woman in an orange dress raises her hands forward towards a black man with glasses in a purple suit, who grins back at her open-mouthed

Blog: Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities: Exploring Violence, Gender, and Race through New Works in Film, Art, and Theater

Nina Papathanasopoulou |
A mosaic depicting a crowd of male soldier on horseback brandishing spears. One man sits atop a chariot higher that the others, wearing a crested helmet and reaching out with his right hand.

Blog: How often do you think about the Roman Empire?

Jordan Mitchell |
Two images of a cartoon Hades. Left, from the Hercules movie, a large, fat, gray man wearing a gray tshirt and black toga. His face is long and narrow, his eyes yellow, and his hair looks like a blue flame coming off the top of his head. Right, a blue-skinned man that looks like a human wearing a black suit and tie and white shirt, his hair is short and silvery.

Blog: Bad Boys and Worse Verse: Hades and Persephone in Translation, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses to Young/New Adult Fiction

Piper Hays |
A circle chart in various shades of green showing a small, yellow circle labeled "Catullus tokens" contained within a much larger turquoise circle labeled "GPT-3 Latin Tokens"

Blog: How Much Latin Does ChatGPT “Know”?

Patrick Burns |
A screenshot from the Ugarit website showing a passage from the Odyssey in Ancient Greek on the left and an English translation by Murray on the right

Blog: Review: The UGARIT Translation Alignment Editor

Clifford Robinson |
A close-up of a red-figure aryballos with a seated figure holding the extended arm of a standing figure

Blog: Accessibility at conferences should be a priority

Jen Ebbeler |
A pile of white/gray fleecey wool with brown ends stuck together with lanolin

Blog: Pecunia non olet: Adventures in Roman Woolworking

Molly Ayn Jones-Lewis |
A rust-colored mosaic of a man's face with shaggy hair and a beard

Odysseus Shot First: Signs of Differing Traditions in Odyssey 16-22

Ben Winnick |
A bearded man stands in the dark over a metal plate, from which a number of vertical rods are extended. He is hitting the rods with two drumsticks.

Blog: Reflections on the Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities 2023 Panel in New Orleans

Alison Futrell |
An animated of a red curtain hanging between two ionic columns. The curtain reads "POPEYE meets HERCULES"

Blog: SCS Contingent Faculty Blog: Dr. Chiara Sulprizio

Chiara Sulprizio |
A crowded scene of a Roman triumph featuring soldiers, onlookers, and spoils. In the background are trees and a Roman building.

Blog: How to Conference Again: A Conversation with Kate Stevens

Erika Sakaguchi, Kate Stevens |
The inside of a church filled with debris and broken pews. An altar is still standing under an apse in the front.

Blog: Antioch in Ruins: An Interview with Arie Amaya-Akkermans

Joel Christensen, Arie Amaya-Akkermans |
Two handled Greek wine cup with two faces, one of a Black African man and one of a Greek woman

Blog: “What is it like to be the only Black person in your department?”

Javal Coleman |
An old book opened to show a page entitled "The Twenty-Second Book of the Iliad"

Blog: Translation at the SCS

Richard Armstrong, Elizabeth Vandiver |
A bald, shirtless man painted gold stands at the bottom of a gold ring, pushing against one side with his legs in a lunging position.

Blog: Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities: Reimagining Ancient Stories through Contemporary Lenses

Nina Papathanasopoulou |