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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund helps the SCS keep the discipline alive by providing a forum for knowledge-sharing and professional development, and supporting the next generation of scholars. Donate now, or read on to learn about where your money goes!

Who should donate to the Annual Fund?

Who does the Annual Fund help and how does it help them?

How is Annual Fund money used?

Can I donate to endowment funds?

Who should donate to the Annual Fund?

  • If you’ve benefited from the programs and fellowships supported by the SCS, consider paying it forward to make sure the next generation of scholars have the same opportunities.
  • If you want to make your voice heard in the crucial conversations about the future of the discipline, the Annual Fund is a great way to make an impact.
  • Anyone can give any amount: a couple of dollars here and there can really add up.
  • If you are in a position to give more, that’s even better!

Who does the Annual Fund help and how does it help them?

The Annual Fund, in addition to grants and endowment income, is a crucial source of support for the following awards and fellowships that fund students and teachers:

  • Support for students, contingent faculty and unemployed scholars to attend the Annual Meeting;
  • The Frank M. Snowden Jr. Scholarship, which pays for undergraduates from historically underrepresented groups to attend summer language programs or archaeological field schools;
  • The Lionel Pearson Fellowship, which provides undergraduates at American or Canadian institutions with a year of study at an English or Scottish university, and fellowship finalists receive funds to attend the annual meeting;
  • The Erich S. Gruen Prize for the best graduate student essay on multiculturalism in the ancient Mediterranean.
  • The K-12 Teaching Award that honors outstanding teachers with a cash prize and funds to attend the SCS, ACL, or CAC Annual meeting.

The Annual Fund supports work to diversify the field. In addition to donating to the Frank M. Snowden Jr. Scholarships, you can:

  • Support Eos, dedicated to the study of Africana classical reception and centering the work and experience of Black classicists;
  • Support the Mountaintop Coalition, a group of students and scholars from historically underrepresented groups.

The Annual Fund supports scholarly and reference resources:

  • The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae to which SCS makes an annual contribution and send a research fellow, who is supported by an NEH-grant;
  • L'Année Philologique: SCS supports the costs of the American editorial office, which is responsible for all English language bibliography

Unrestricted Annual Fund donations are used to top up award and fellowship funds, and for programmatic and operating expenses such as honoraria and annual meeting expenses.

How is Annual Fund money used?

In fiscal year 2022:

  • Spent $78,000 on awards, fellowships grants, and financial support. This included the final grants in the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund;
  • Used $30,500 in Annual Fund donations to support a pandemic program to give free memberships to students and contingent faculty;
  • Earmarked $3,000 in donor-designated funds for the Mountaintop Coalition and Eos.
  • Expended $2,500 in donor-designated funds for the TLL and L'Année Philologique
  • Used $30,000 to support honoraria for SCS publications and events, and AV and software costs for the 2022 annual meeting.

Yes, the Society is currently raising funds for Digital Papyrology and the Erich S. Gruen Prize, for the best graduate student essay on multiculturalism in the ancient Mediterranean. You can donate using our online giving form.

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