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Mary Beard Public Lecture - SCS Sesquicentennial in San Diego

On Saturday, January 5th, distinguished Classicist and public scholar Mary Beard will present a lecture to mark the occasion of the Society's 150th anniversary. She will speak to the following topic:

"What do we mean by Classics now? Why should we study the ancient Greeks and Romans (and other ancient cultures)? How do we think through its apparently reactionary heritage? How do we weigh up the radical understanding of the Classics (Karl Marx said that he re-read Aeschylus' Prometheus in Greek every year) versus the conscription of Classics into a modern far right agenda? This lecture goes back through the 150 year history of the SCS in an attempt to give an optimistic view of the future of the past."

This lecture will be open to the public as well as those attending the Annual Meeting proper. It will take place at 6:15 p.m. in the Marriott Grand Ballroom 9.

For information on our other public lecture given by Luis Alfaro, see this page.

Mary Beard Poster