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Take good care of yourself over the weeks prior to the Meeting. Bring herbal teabags; the hotel will likely provide free urns of coffee and tea throughout the morning, but you may want to avoid drinking too much caffeine. Granola bars and chocolate can help you get through a trying day with little time to eat. Aspirin, Tums, and cough drops are good ideas, the last essential if you are giving a paper. Most interview committees will give you a glass of water and a pitcher at the beginning of the interview as a matter of course, but if they don’t, ask for it — taking a slow sip of water or pouring an extra glass can give you that crucial extra second to polish your answer to perfection!

And finally, enjoy yourself: this is not an impossible task, since the parties throughout the evenings give you a chance to meet your peers as well as schmooze with your elders. Keep an eye out for everyone-is-invited, junior- friendly parties like the Women’s Classical Caucus opening night bash, and during the day, if you have the energy, consider attending an informal roundtable discussion (past years at the SCS and regional conventions have featured discussions of teaching in the wake of 9/11, family issues in hiring and promotion, preparing work for publication, and town/gown relations).