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Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute ---- Nicosia, Cyprus
DIRECTOR, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI), Nicosia, Cyprus, beginning summer, 1999; term, conditions, compensation negotiable. Must have substantial knowledge of eastern Mediterranean; administrative experience; conversancy with Academe, US and international; strong people skills; Modern Greek. Professional training in archaeology or another field of antiquity useful. Will lead and manage Cyprus's one foreign research center, including major research library, hostel, programs of public and scholarly events, fellowship programs, laboratory, shard and bio-archaeological collections, facilities for visiting scholars, services to archaeological research and excavations in Cyprus. Must work with Trustees on capital campaign and strategic planning, develop library and collections, broaden 0US and international audience for Cypriot studies, strengthen bonds with US and European research institutions abroad. EEOE. Applications received on or before October 15, 1998, will be given full consideration.

Address questions about CAARI and applications (cover letter, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation) to Professor Annemarie Weyl Carr, National Research Center, 7 Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.