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Johns Hopkins University Press manages SCS membership. To check your membership status and make changes:

Society for Classical Studies Membership Services
Johns Hopkins University PressJournals Division
P. O. Box 19966
Baltimore, MD 21211-0966
Telephone (U.S. and Canada only): 800-548-1784; (other countries): 410-516-6987
FAX: 410-516-3866

The Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP) which manages our membership database requires users to log in to the JHUP system before entering credit card information. New members will need to create an account that they can subsequently use to gain access to resources that JHUP maintains for us such as our directory of members and issues of TAPA in Project Muse. If returning members created an account on the JHUP site in the past, they should not create a new one. The log-in page to the JHUP system contains links that returning members can use to retrieve a password or username and thus determine whether they have already created an account.

You can use your JHUP member credentials to log into the main SCS website as a member and also to our Annual Meeting Program Submission System.

JHUP staff will be happy to help members encountering any difficulty with their accounts. Staff can be reached in the following ways:

  • Telephone: 800-548-1784 (U.S. and Canada only); 410-516-6987 (other countries)
  • FAX: 410-516-3866
  • E-mail:

If you call JHUP and reach an answering machine, be sure to leave a message that includes a suggested time to call you back. This will enable staff to follow up with you as soon as they can.