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Note: Subscribers are individuals, usually academic advisors of job seekers, who want access to up-to-date information about job listings but who are not themselves on the job market. They have access to all the features of the service described under Services below.


  • SCS Members: $0
  • AIA Members: $0
  • Nonmembers: $55


Candidates enrolled with the Placement Service receive email notifications when a new job ad is published online, and are also able to upload a CV for hiring institutions to browse.

Any job candidate is welcome to use the Service; however, there is no fee for SCS or AIA members. Candidates can purchase or renew SCS membership online.

AIA members should go to for instructions.

Interviewing at the Annual Meeting

The Placement Service previously offered facilities for interviews and other communications during the AIA/SCS Annual Meeting only to candidates and those institutions registered for Comprehensive Service. The Placement Service is not currently offering interviewing services at the Annual Meeting.

Getting Started

Please log in for access to the Placement Service Store. Remember, if you're a member of the SCS, the Placement Service is free, but if you're not a member, the price is $55.00.

To find out how to become a member of the SCS, visit