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The following members were chosen in the elections held this Summer. They take office on January 2017, except for the two new members of the Nominating Committee who take office immediately.


Joseph Farrell

Vice President, Professional Matters

Barbara Gold

Vice President, Publications and Research

Donald J. Mastronarde

Goodwin Award Committee

Emma Dench

Board of Directors

Anne Groton

Kirk Ormand

Education Committee

(Will serve on K-12 Education Committee or College and University Education Committee)

Jon Mikalson

Nominating Committee

Antony Augoustakis

Kathryn Morgan

Professional Matters Committee

(Will serve on Professional Ethics Committee)

Catherine Keane

Program Committee

Simon Goldhill

Andrew Riggsby

Publications and Research Committee

Helma Dik

In accordance with a policy established by the Board of Directors, the Society does not publish the numerical tabulation of the election on the web site. The information is available, however, and any member may request the tabulation by making a written request to the Executive Director at the Society's office.

2,820 ballots were issued to members by Vote-Now. 1,157 complete or semi-complete ballots were returned by the voting deadlines for electronic and paper ballots. In addition, there were 4 abstentions. Not all voters made choices in all elections. Only 11 members submitted ballots by regular mail, an increase from only 8 in 2015, but still less than 13 in 2014 and 19 in 2013. When we first conducted elections online (2009), that number was around 100.

The total number of ballots cast (1,157) is very slightly lower than last year’s figure (1,163). The number of votes in 2013 (1,305) remains the highest number since 1999. It seems most likely that the referendum about the change in the Society’s name increased participation in 2013. In 2008 and 2007, the last two years of voting only by mail, the figures were 403 and 444, respectively.

Helen Cullyer
Executive Director


(Photo: "_DSC7061" by rhodesj, licensed under CC BY 2.0)