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The Anthologist’s Workshop: Insights on the Principles, Materials, and Techniques behind the Anthology of John Stobaeus
2-4 May, 2024
Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati

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Thursday 2 May

4–4.15: Welcome
Susan Prince and Christopher Moore

4.15–5.30: Talk 1
Krzysztof Bielawski, Jagiellonian University, Kraków
“Searching for order in Stobaeus - Euripides as a binder”
Anna Conser, University of Cincinnati, respondent

5.30–8: Reception

Friday 3 May

9–10.15: Talk 2
David Runia, University of Melbourne
“Stobaeus’ use of doxographical texts in the Eclogae”
Isabelle Chouinard, Yale University, respondent

10.30–11.45: Talk 3
Andreea-Maria Lemnaru-Espuña, Sorbonne Université and University of Cambridge
“Theology and Eschatology in the Stobaean Hermetica”
Thomas Slabon, University of South Florida, respondent

12–1.15: Talk 4
Stephen White, University of Texas at Austin
“Gateways and pathways to Philosophy: pedagogical logic in Stobaeus books 1 and 2”
Christopher Raymond, Vassar College, respondent

2–3.15: Talk 5
Phillip Sidney Horky, Durham University
“Stobaeus’ Pythagoreanism”
Kelly Shannon-Henderson, University of Cincinnati, respondent

3.30–4.45: Talk 6
Giulia De Cesaris, Università degli Studi di Torino
“Ethical Wisdom in Anecdotes: Stobaeus' Portrayal of the Academy”
James Romm, Bard College, respondent

5–6.15: Talk 7
Michele Curnis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
“Stobaeus and the history of early modern editions”
Daniel Markovich, University of Cincinnati, respondent

Saturday 4 May

9–10.15: Talk 8
Denis Michael Searby, Stockholm University
“Stobaeus and the gnomological traditions”
Zoe Stamatopoulou, Washington University in St. Louis, respondent

10.30–11.45: Talk 9
Emily Baragwanath, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Xenophon and politics in Stobaeus book 4”
Alex Lee, The Miller School of Albemarle, Charlottesville, VA, respondent

12–1.15: Talk 10
Gretchen Reydams-Schils, University of Notre Dame
“Stobaeus, Musonius Rufus, and the diatribe”
Caitlin Hines, University of Cincinnati, respondent

2.30–3.45: Talk 11
Monte Ransome Johnson, University of California, San Diego
“Stobaeus’ Collection of Democritean Fragments”
Jay Elliott, Bard College, respondent

4–5.15p: Talk 12
Glenn Most, Scuola Normale Superiore
“How not to Edit Stobaeus”
Dylan Kenny, University of Cincinnati, respondent

5.15–6: closing discussion

Poster for The Anthologist’s Workshop: Insights on the Principles, Materials, and Techniques behind the Anthology of John Stobaeus