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Session Recordings Available

All sessions that gave unanimous consent for post-conference publication have been made available on the OpenWater annual meeting platform.

You can access these recordings by logging in the same way you logged in for the annual meeting, navigating to the paper session you want to see, and watching the recording streamed on the registration site itself.

You can find a list of available recordings below. All those not listed did not give consent for their sessions to be published.


Tuesday, January 5

  • SCS 1- Merchants and Market in Late Antiquity
  • SCS 6- New Approaches to Spectatorship
  • SCS 10- Roman Comedy

Wednesday, January 6

  • SCS 15-Staging Epic and Tragedy
  • SCS 16- Virgil and Religion
  • SCS 17-Usurpers, Rivals, and Regime Change: The Evidence of Coins
  • SCS 24- Lightning Session 2: Crossing Boundaries

Thursday, January 7

  • SCS 29-Greek Comedy
  • SCS 32-Ovid and the Constructed Visual Environment
  • SCS 34-Inscriptions and Literacy
  • SCS 37-Classics and Childcare
  • *SCS 40-Roman Anticipations: Material, Cognitive, and Affective Histories of the Roman Future
  • SCS 41-Learning the Rules: Games and Education in the Ancient World
  • SCS 42-Legalize It: Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Law
  • CAMP Play

Friday, January 8

  • SCS 44- Roman History
  • SCS 45- Myth and History
  • SCS 46- Indigenous Voices and Classical Literature
  • SCS 48- Emotions and the Body in Greco-Roman Medicine
  • SCS 49- Laughing with the Gods: Religion in Greek and Roman Satire, Comedy, Epigram and other Comedic Genres
  • SCS 50- Ancient Olympics Alive: Techniques, Materials and Sources to Capitalize on the 2021 Olympics in Classes and Outreach Activities
  • SCS 51- Latin Literature and the Environmental Humanities: Challenges and Perspectives.
  • *SCS 52- COVID-19 and the Future of Classics Graduate Study
  • SCS 53- Eta Sigma Phi panel
  • SCS 54- Lucian
  • SCS 55- Hidden Transcripts

Saturday, January 9

  • *SCS 57- Ancient MakerSpaces
  • SCS 59- Greco-Roman Antiquity and White Supremacy
  • SCS 60- Tacitus and the Incomplete
  • SCS 62- Hybrid Epicenters: Peripheral Adaptations in Flavian Literature
  • SCS 65- Greek Tragedy 1
  • SCS 68- Difficult Topics in the Classroom

Sunday, January 10

  • SCS 70- Epigraphy and History
  • SCS 72- Pagans and Christians
  • SCS 73- New Environmental History: Promises and Pitfalls
  • SCS 75- Roman Historiography
  • SCS 79- Republican Latin Poetry
  • SCS 81- Homer and Hellenistic Literature

*These sessions are on their way, but are still in edits or are processing