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The Department of Classics at the University of Cincinnati is pleased to announce its recent expansion to 17 core faculty. The Department brings ancient historians, archaeologists, and philologists together under one roof. Particular areas of expertise include Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Classical Greek archaeology, Roman archaeology, ceramics, epigraphy, papyrology, paleography, Egypt and Alexandria, Late Antiquity, Greek and Roman philosophical and rhetorical traditions, late Republican and early Imperial Latin poetry and prose, Greek medicine, Greek music and drama, Roman law, archaic Greek poetry, and more.

The Department is housed together with the John Miller Burnam Classics Library. The Library, widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive collections of Classical materials in the world, currently has around 300,000 volumes. See

The Department is also the home of the Margo Tytus Visiting Scholars Program. The Program, now in its third decade, brings to the John M. Burnam Classics Library about 9 visiting scholars every year. See

The Department offers Ph.D. programs in Greek and Latin Philology, Ancient History, Bronze Age Archaeology, and Classical Archaeology, and four related M.A. tracks. The composite structure of the Department offers graduate students ample opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary work in Classics, combining ancient literature, history, and material culture. The Department’s graduate program, with 35–40 students in residence, includes students from Brazil, Canada, China, England, Ghana, Greece, Italy, and Sri Lanka. See

In addition to the graduate programs, the Department offers 8 Semple and Centennial scholarships for exceptionally talented undergraduate students. See

The Department’s record of external fellowships, other awards, and graduate job placement is among the highest in the US.

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