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Looted: Lessons Learned

By Zoe Kontes

A public facing project such as a podcast is an opportunity for academics to share their work with a broad audience. Podcasting is an important component of the future of classics, but it comes with a different set of production issues than traditional academic work. This talk will offer some lessons from my own podcasting experience to help illuminate these issues and the potential pitfalls of such a project, and provide some advice for future classics podcasters. My podcast will serve as just one example of the exciting possibilities of podcasting for our field.

Outside the Gaze: Podcasting Ancient Rome as Woman Scholars

By Peta Greenfield

Outside the Gaze: Podcasting Ancient Rome as Woman Scholars

The Partial Historians ( is a Roman history podcast project which began in 2013 and continues today. The podcast was conceived as a project to keep the hosts in touch with ancient source material as we transitioned away from the precarity of the academy into different fields of labour.

Educational Podcasts: Sensical Strategies

By Doug Metzger

Educational podcasts have proliferated in the past decade, and they reach a variety of listeners outside the scope of academic publishing. From busy commuters, to fitness enthusiasts, high school students, military personnel, and even manual laborers, podcasts have made on-demand educational audio available to anyone with an internet connection and music playing device. Top educational programs have tens of millions of downloads, and even specialty podcasts covering more esoteric material can be quite successful with the right writing and production.