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Society of Classical Studies 155th Annual Meeting
JANUARY 4-7, 2024

Call for Papers for Panel Sponsored by the Digital Classics Association

“Essential Digital Classics”

Organized by Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo, SUNY

The Digital Classics Association held its first panel at the annual SCS conference a decade ago, in 2014, with the title “Getting Started with Digital Classics,” highlighting approaches made possible by foundational work in the field. Since then, digital methods have become increasingly interwoven with the field of classics across its subdisciplines. A decade later, as new techniques and tools continue to emerge, it is an opportune time to once again present a panel designed as a refreshed introduction to the ways in which digital tools and approaches can enhance the study of the classical world, and the kinds of results that they can achieve. Abstracts are invited for 20- minute presentations designed to introduce a broad audience of classicists with varying levels of experience to tools and methods that have advanced or will considerably advance the study of the classical world. Presenters might also speak on the overall environment for digital methods and how best for classicists to find within it what they need for their work.

Please send abstracts that follow the guidelines for individual abstracts (see the SCS Guidelines for Authors of Abstracts) by email to Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo SUNY at by March 3, 2023. Ensure that the abstracts are anonymous. The organizers will review all submissions anonymously, and their decision will be communicated to the authors of abstracts by April 28, with enough time that those whose abstracts are not chosen can participate in the individual abstract submission process for the upcoming SCS meeting.