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Guidelines for Authors of Abstracts

Note:  The instructions below apply specifically to individual abstracts being submitted to the SCS Program Committee. Authors of abstracts for Organizer-Refereed Panels, Affiliated Group Panels, and sessions being submitted as units to the Program Committee (e.g., Panels, Seminars, etc.) should follow these guidelines and any others issued by the organizers of their particular sessions.

Before preparing your abstract please review the instructions below as well as these recommendations from the Information Architect on the preparation of copy for digital publication and the suggestions for the preparation of abstracts that the Program Committee developed in conjunction with its workshop on abstract writing at the 2010 Annual Meeting.


The abstract should contain the following information:

  • a clear initial statement of purpose,
  • a brief explanation of the abstract's relationship to the previous literature on the topic, including direct citations of any important literature (see "Citations of Literature" below)
  • a summary of the argumentation
  • some examples to be used in the argumentation.

The abstract should make it clear that the paper is suitable for oral presentation within the time limit (the maximum time for papers submitted as individual abstracts is 20 minutes).


  • Abstracts must be no more than 500 words, not including bibliography.  See “Citations of Literature” below concerning the submission of bibliographical information.
  • Abstracts including Greek characters should utilize a Unicode font. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that Greek characters appear correctly.


For documentation, footnotes should not be used. Incorporate citations into the text of the abstract.  In citing bibliography in the text, brief parenthetical references containing the author's name and, when necessary, date usually suffice, but be sure that these are intelligible. Authors of abstracts to be reviewed by the Program Committee should list complete bibliographical citations of works cited in the separate text box by the submission system.  The abstract itself may not exceed 500 words.  Please Note:  Authors may cite relevant work that they have already published, but these citations should be in the same format as any other author's, i.e., in the third person.

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