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The Program Committee of the Society for Classical Studies invites submissions for seminars for the Annual Meeting in 2024 (4-7 January 2024, Chicago, IL). The seminar format differs from that of regular panels in four major respects: (1) the seminar is announced to the membership well in advance of the Annual Meeting and interested parties are invited to preregister with the organizers, in some cases up to a number set by the organizers; (2) seminar papers are precirculated; (3) the organizers prioritize participation by those who have received the precirculated papers, although others may attend at the organizers’ discretion; (4) participants commit to attending the entire seminar. These features, along with the three-hour timeslot usually allotted to seminars, encourage substantive and wide-ranging discussion of the seminar’s topic, and both organizers and attendees report favorably on the experience.

Seminar topics have included: Classics and Race (2023); Believing Ancient Women: A Feminist Epistemology for Greece and Rome (2021); State Elite? Senators, Emperors and Roman Political Culture 25 BCE – 400 CE (2020); Women in Rage, Women in Protest: Feminist Approaches to Ancient Anger (2020); Translating ‘Evil’ in Ancient Greek and Hebrew and Modern American Culture (2020); New Perspectives on the Atlantic Façade of the Roman World (2020); Responses to Homer’s Iliad by Women Writers, from WW2 to the Present (2016); Beyond the Case Study: Theorizing Classical Reception (2016); Rethinking Roman Imperialism in the Middle and Late Republic (c.327 - 49 BCE) (2016); Reconstructing Herculaneum Papyri: A Practical Introduction (2012); The Subject Objects: Puellae in Roman Elegy and Beyond (2012); Allusion and Intertextuality in Classical Historiography (2011); The Audience of Roman Comedy (2011); The Text of Propertius (2010); New “Euripidean” Lyric: Edition and Interpretation (2009); Classical Reception and the Education of Women (2009); Risk and its Management in the Ancient Mediterranean World (2009); Critical Editions in the 21st Century (2008).

The submission process is the same as that for regular panels. The submission deadline for the 2024 meeting will be April 24, 2023.