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NEH Institute for K-12 Educators: “The Ancient Olympics and Daily Life in Ancient Olympia: A Hands-On History”

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) announced a $175,000 grant to fund the Institute for K-12 Educators, “The Ancient Olympics and Daily Life in Ancient Olympia: A Hands-On History”, directed by SCS Members Nathalie Roy (Glasgow Middle School, Baton Rouge, LA) and Bob Simmons (Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL). The Institute will be held at Monmouth College next summer, July 7-20, 2024.

The application and more details about the program will follow in December.

NEH Grant Winners in Classics and Archaeology

Congratulations to NEH grant winners announced in August 2022:

  • Christopher Polt (Boston College) and T.H.M. Gellar-Goad (Wake Forest University) for a grant of $224,081 to run a Summer Institute for Higher Education Faculty on "The Performance of Roman Comedy" in Summer 2023.
  • Leigh Lieberman and the Alexandria Archive Institute / Open Context team for a grant of $249,879 to run a virtual and in-person institute over three years, "Networking Archaeological Data and Communities", on methods of managing and publishing digital archaeological data.

New Database on Ancient Curse Tablets

(Published on behalf of Werner Reiß)

Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that Professor Werner Riess and his team announce the launch of the new database TheDefix (Thesaurus Defixionum), which replaces the earlier version TheDeMa (Thesaurus Defixionum Magdeburgensis). TheDefix is an open access Heurist database hosted by the University of Hamburg, Department of Ancient History, and can be reached at the following link: