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The Society for Classical Studies congratulates the following individuals and organizations announced as NEH Grantees in August 2023, for their projects in classical studies and adjacent fields:

  • Bret Mulligan, Patricia Guardiola, Anna Lacy (Corporation of Haverford College): Bridge Readability Tools for Historical Language Text Analysis and Data-Informed Pedagogy
  • Paul Dilley, William Seales (University of Iowa): Communicating Revealed Texts: Best Practices for Born-Digital Editions Using Enhanced Imaging
  • Robert Simmons, Nathalie Roy (Monmouth College): The Ancient Olympics and Daily Life in Ancient Olympia: A Hands-On History
  • Zachary Herz (University of Colorado, Boulder): Empire of Correspondence
  • Joseph Dexter (Harvard University), Pramit Chaudhuri (University of Texas at Austin), Joseph Henrich (Harvard University): Computational Methods for Historical Psychology: A case-study in Latin ca. 200 BCE - 1700 CE
  • James Romm (Bard College): Plato and the Tyrant: The Project that Wrecked a City and Shaped a Philosophic Masterpiece

View the full list of recent grants awarded by NEH here.

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