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Please note that this page is currently under revision as of Fall 2023.

This page hopes to serve as a resource for institutions that now offer specific programs and/or funding which promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for underrepresented groups in the field of Classical Studies. The listing below consists of a table showing what each institution offers, with the name of the institution serving as a link to the relevant department’s website and the program/initiative name serving as a link to the relevant funding's website page.

Please note that there are several variables across these programs/initiatives such as:

  • departmental vs institution-wide funding
  • limited to underrepresented groups or available to all applicants (with specific encouragement to apply for underrepresented group applicants)
  • degree program(s).

Applicants should also check eligibility and application deadlines as they may be different from those of the degree program.

Programs that are either under review or are on pause are noted in the link text - please reach out to the institution for any further information or updates.

For more on funded MA’s, Bridge programs, and pre-doctoral fellowships, please visit Liv Yarrow’s blog:

Please note that this is a work in progress. We welcome any corrections or additions to this list (email, using the subject heading DEI Programs/Fellowships Update).

Institution Program/Initiative Name
Boston University Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellowship
Bryn Mawr College Dean's Fellowships
City University of New York, CUNY Graduate Center Funding for Students from Underrepresented Groups
Columbia University The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Fellowship (under review)
Cornell University Graduate School Fellowships in Support of Diversity
Duke University Bridge (to-the-PhD Fellowship) Program
The Ford Foundation Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs
Harvard University Diversity Fellows
Indiana University Bloomington (IU) Diversity Fellowships (via IUPUI)
Johns Hopkins University Diversity Fellows Program
Loyola University Chicago Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Classical Studies Tuition Scholarships
McNair Scholars Program (US Department of Education TRIO Program) Funded programs (institutions) / Other external funding sources
New York University Dean's Fellowships
Northwestern University Diversity Funding Resources/Fellowships (assistance with identifying and applying for funding)
Princeton University Pre-doctoral Fellowship / Access, Diversity & Inclusion (Graduate) Funding
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Funded MA Fellowships
San Francisco State University Graduate Equity Fellowship
Stanford University Diversity Initiatives - Programs & Funding

The State University of New York (SUNY)/[University at Buffalo]

Graduate Diversity Fellowship Program
Texas Tech University Funded MA in Classics
University of Arizona Graduate Access Fellowships
The University of British Columbia Diversity Fund (UBC and AMNE awards)
University of California-Berkeley Diversity Funding Opportunities
University of California-Santa Barbara Bridge Fellowship in Classics
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Classics Post-baccalaureate Scholarship
University of Florida Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program (post-bac) / McNair Graduate Fellowship
University of Iowa Funding Opportunities and Fellowships (direct support)
University of Manitoba Masters Award for Indigenous Students
University of Michigan (Classical Studies) Bridge MA in Classical Studies
University of Minnesota Graduate Funding (DOVE and ICGC)
University of Missouri-Columbia Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North Carolina Excellence Fellowship / North Carolina Native American Incentive Fellowship
University of Pennsylvania Elsie Phare Fellowship and Masciantonio Fellowship
University of Pittsburgh Access and Diversity Fellowship Programs
The University of Texas at Austin The McNair Scholars Graduate School Fellowships Program
University of Toronto Diversity Fellowship
University of Virginia Bridge to the Doctorate (on pause 2024-2025)
University of Washington Diversity Award Fellowships
University of Wisconsin-Madison Kemper Knapp University Fellowship
Yale University Emerging Scholars Initiative