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The American Classical League (ACL) and the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) are pleased to present the Guidelines for Latin Teacher Preparation.

This document, which is a 2023 revision of the 2010 Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation, sets out what a beginning-career Latin teacher should know and be able to do, and includes the addition of an Addendum of Resources.

The document organizes a beginning Latin teacher’s knowledge, skills, and understanding under four main guidelines:

  • Content Knowledge
  • Pedagogical Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding
  • Other Areas of Responsibility
  • Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

The Guidelines will be useful to:

  • College & university faculty and students of Classical Studies
  • Faculty of Latin teacher preparation programs and schools of education
  • Students in Latin teacher preparation programs
  • K-12 Latin teachers

Below you will find links to the Guidelines for Latin Teacher Preparation, the Addendum of Resources, and a one-page flyer available for printing and display in departments or for sharing online. Please share the Guidelines with students and colleagues:

Guidelines for Latin Teacher Preparation (PDF)

Addendum of Resources (Google Doc)

One-Page Flyer (PDF):