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List of In-Progress and Completed Dissertations in Classics

These lists, generated from information self-reported by Ph.D.-granting institutions to the SCS office, show the in-progress and completed dissertations being undertaken in Classics graduate departments across the United States. The list is as current as the data most recently received into the SCS office. If you do not see your department represented or if you have corrections please have your Director of Graduate Students email the requisite information to

In-Progress (2016-2017 Academic Year)

Boston University

  • Elizabeth Baxter - "A Spring of Ambrosial Words: Pindar's Theory of Poetry" - Advised by Jeffrey Henderson
  • Peter Blandino - "Music as Drama in Euripides" - Advised by Herbert Golder
  • Rachel Fisher - "Homophrosyne and Women in the Iliad" - Advised by Stephen Scully
  • Laurie Hutcheson - "Reported Speech in the Iliad" - Advised by Stephen Scully
  • Amanda Jarvis - "Euripides and Thucydides from 415-411: Thematic Parallels" - Advised by Jeffrey Henderson
  • Daniel Libatique - "Tereus, Procne, and Philomela: Speech, Silence, and the Voice of Gender" - Advised by Patricia Johnson
  • Colin Pang - "Engaging Hesiod and Homer in Quintus Smyrnaeus and Imperial Greek Poetry" - Advised by Stephen Scully
  • David West - "The Case for Politics: A Cross-Generic Study of Cicero's Arguments for Political Engagement" - Advised by Ann Vasaly

Brown University

  • Elliston Perot Bissell - "Expansive Epic: Subsumption, Totalization, and Primacy in the Narratives of Greece, Rome and the Indian Subcontinent" - Advised by Joseph D. Reed
  • Justin Byrd - "Highest Good or Strong Poison: The Construction of Patronage in the Brahmin Tradition" - Advised by James Fitzgerald
  • Keith Fairbank - "A Dividing Sea: The Adriatic World from the Death of Alexander to the Foundation of Nicopolis" - Advised by Graham Oliver
  • Christopher Geadrities - "Einhard: Vita Karoli Magni. Text, Translation and Commentary" - Joseph Pucci
  • Stephany Hull - "The Model Teacher: Mentorship and Exemplarity in Philosophical Dialogues" - Joseph Pucci
  • Darrel Janzen - "The Outsider Within: Self-Seclusion by the Roman Elite from 40 to 130 CE" - Advised by John Bodel
  • Luther Karper - "The Greeks and the Roman Civil Wars of the Late Republic" - Advised by Graham Oliver
  • Dominic Machado - "Communities and Collective Action in the Republican Army" - Advised by John Bodel and Lisa Mignone
  • Daria Resh - "Early Metaphraseis in Byzantine hagiography (c. 800 - c. 1000)" - Advised by Joseph Pucci and David Konstan
  • Trigg Settle - "Trauma and the Interpretation of Tragedy: Studies in Greek Theater and Drama" - Advised by Johanna Hanink
  • Jennifer Swalec - "Dress and the Making of Gender in Ancient Greece" - Advised by Adele Scafuro
  • Michiel Van Veldhuizen - "Divining Disaster: Signs of Catastrophe in Ancient Greek Culture and Society" - Advised by Pura Nieto

Cornell University

  • Dennis Alley - "Pindar and the Poetics of Autonomy: Authorial Agency in Pythian Four" - Advised by Hayden Pelliccia
  • Liana Brent - "Corporeal Connections: Tomb Disturbance, Reuse and Violation in Roman Italy" - Advised by Eric Rebillard
  • Natasha Binek - "The Reception of Aphrodite in Vergil's Aeneid" - Advised by Hayden Pelliccia
  • Micaela Carignano - "What's for Dinner?: Recreating Minoan Dining Practice in Neopalatial Households and Palaces" - Advised by Sturt Manning
  • Jennifer Carrington - "Network Analyses of Everyday Ceramics in Ptolemaic Egypt" - Advised by Sturt Manning
  • Theodore Harwood - "How to Read the Book: St. Augustine on the Interpretaiton of Scripture" - Advised by Charles Brittain
  • Katherine Jarriel - "Small Worlds After All? Landscape and Community Interaction in the Early Cycladic Bronze Age" - Advised by Sturt Manning
  • Michael Esposito - "Knowledge and its Uses in the Aeneid" - Advised by Michael Fontaine

McMaster University

  • Barbara Scarfo - "To which their lot condemns them: The Socio-Cultural Construction of Maternity in the Roman World" - Advised by Michele George
  • Amanda Devitt - "Fandom and Fanaticism: Studies in the Spectatorship of Roman Chariot Racing" - Advised by Michele George

New York University

  • Ari Zatlin - "The Contingency of Cicero: Ciceronian Reception in the Early Empire" - Advised by Joy Connolly
  • Chris Parmenter - "Commodity and Identity in Archaic Greece" - Advised by Barbara Kowalzig
  • Stephanie Crooks - "The Poet's Tomb: Space for Immortality" - Advised by Alessandro Barchiesi
  • Philip Katz - "The Ideology of the Ship in Greece and Rome" - Advised by Barbara Kowalzig
  • Calloway Scott - "Asklepios on the Move" - Advised by Barbara Kowalzig
  • Nathalie Sado Nisinson - "Greek Heroes, Roman Rituals: Cult and Culture Clash in Ovid's Heroides" - Advised by David Levene

Princeton University

  • Emily Hulme - "Under the Shadow of the Hephaistion: Τἐχνη and Ἐπιστήμη in the Platonic Dialogues" - Advised by Christian Wildberg
  • Caroline Mann - "Transgression in Roman Republic Religion" - Advised by Harriet Flower
  • Emily Curran - "Lucretian and Epicurean Influences on Horace's Odes" - Advised by Denis Feeney
  • Carolyn Tobin - "Remembering Sulla, 78 BC - 160 AD" - Advised by Harriet Flower
  • Noah Levin - "Roman Desire during the First Triumvirate" - Yelena Baraz

Rutgers University

  • Aaron Beck-Schachter - "The Goddess on Parade: Portable Icons in Archaic and Classical Greece" - Advised by Timothy Power
  • Charles George - "The Philosophical Epigrams of Diogenes Laertius" - Advised by Timothy Power
  • Aaron Hershkowitz - "Rise of the Demagogues: Political Leadership in Imperial Athens after the Reforms of Ephialtes" - Advised by Thomas Figueira
  • Brian Hill - "Recurrent Imagery and Incremental Didacticism in Lucretius' De Rerum Natura" - Advised by Leah Kronenberg
  • Ella Wallace - "The Sorcerer's Pharmacy: Magic and Science in Classical Pharmaceutical Literature" - Advised by Leah Kronenberg

State University of New York at Buffalo

  • Massimo Betello - "Management and Exploitation of Pedestrian Traffic in Ancient Rome: The Case of Pompeii" - Advised by Stephen Dyson
  • Jennifer Krantz - "Dialects and Identity: The Ancient Greek View of Greek Dialects" - Advised by Carolyn Higbie
  • Lana Radloff - TBD - Advised by Stephen Dyson

University of British Columbia

  • Justin Dwyer - "Apollodoros of Karystos and the Tradition of New Comedy" - Advised by C. W. Marshall
  • Bethany Brothers - "The Ludi as Medium for Imperial Propoganda in the Severan Age" - Advised by Jeremy Rossiter (U Alberta), Leanne Bablitz
  • Chelsea Gardner - "The Mani Peninsula in Antiquity: An Archaeological, Historical, and Epigraphic Investigation into Regional Identity - Advised by Hector Williams
  • Ryan Johnson - "The κατάδεσμοι of Selinous: Intermediaries between Near Eastern and Greek Traditions of Cursing" - Advised by Franco De Angelis

University of California, Berkeley

  • Christopher Adams - "The Unreality Effect: Realism, Discourse, and the Elegiac Persona" - Advised by Kathleen McCarthy
  • Daniel Esses - "Images of the World: Cosmology and Rhetoric in Plato's Timaeus and Laws" - Advised by John Ferrari and Mark Griffith
  • Morgan Hunter - "Making Troy Great Again: the Cult of the Palladion at Troy, Athens, and Rome" - Advised by Mark Griffith
  • Morgan King - "The Path of Love: Travel, Immobility, and the Construction of Difference in Roman Love Elegy" - Advised by Kathleen McCarthy
  • Mark McClay - "Memory and Performance in the Orphic-Bacchic Lammelae" - Advised by Mark Griffith
  • Kevin Moch - "Quoium Pecus? Representations of Italian Identity in Vergil's Eclogues and Georgics" - Advised by Ellen Oliensis
  • Kelsey Turbeville - "A Given Image: The Iconography of Votive Bronze" - Advised by Kim Shelton

University of California, Los Angeles

  • Hans Bork - "The Anthropology of Insult in Plautus" - Advised by Amy Richlin
  • Grace Gillies - "Despicable Cities: Urban Sites of Disgust in Roman Satire and Related Genres" - Advised by Amy Richlin
  • Irene Han - "One Hundred and One Nights: Plato and the Metaphysical Feminine" - Advised by Giulia Sissa
  • Nathan Kish - "Oratio Inepta: The Ethics of Style in Latin Rhetorical Invective" - Advised by Amy Richlin
  • Elliott Piros - "The Imagination of Objects: Production, Consumption, and Description in Martial's Epigrams" - Advised by Francesca Martelli and Amy Richlin
  • Ben Radcliffe - "The Plastic Sovereign: Figuring Politics in Early Greek Poetry" - Advised by Alex Purves
  • Justin Vorhis - "The Best of the Macedonians: Alexander as Achilles in Arrian, Curtius, and Plutarch" - Advised by Kathryn Morgan
  • Celsiana Warwick - "For Those Yet to Come: Gender and Kleos in the Iliad" - Advised by Alex Purves

University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Brett Collins - "The Ancient Reception of Thersites" - Advised by Helen Morales
  • Aerynn Dighton - "The Roman Toga: The Social Effects of the Interface Between Object and Body" - Advised by Dorota Dutsch
  • Regina Loehr - "Emotion in Polybius' Histories" - Advised by Robert Morstein-Marx
  • Nicole Taynton - "Desire and Self-Construction in Tibullus' Elegies: Reading Tibullus with Lacan" - Advised by Sara Lindheim
  • Deepti Menon - "Staging the Foreign Imaginary: the 'Other' on the Comedic Stage" - Advised by Dorota Dutsch
  • Marshall Evans - "Seen and Unseen: The Concept of Idolatry in 1 Corinthians" - Advised by Christine Thomas

University of Cincinnati

  • Catherine Baker - "Landscapes of the Middle Republic: Roman Imperialism and the Integration of Central Italy" - Advised by Steven Ellis
  • William Dibble - "From Livestock to Lifestyle: The Longue Durée of Human-Animal Interaction in Ancient Greece" - Advised by Kathleen Lynch
  • Kathleen Kidder - "Representations of Truth and Falsehood of Hellenistic Poetry" - Advised by Kathryn Gutzwiller
  • Christopher Motz - "The Impact of Knowledge Networks on Workshop Construction in the Western Roman Empire" - Advised by Steven Ellis
  • Alexandros Laftsidis - "The Hellenistic Ceramic 'Koine' Revisited" - Advised by Kathleen Lynch
  • Paschalis Zafeiriadis - "Spatial Organization and Social Change: The Transition from Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age in Macedonia, Greece" - Advised by Eleni Hatzaki

University of Colorado - Boulder

  • Ian Oliver - "The Audiences of Herodotus: The Influence of Performance on the Written Histories" - Advised by Peter Hunt
  • Sam Kindick - "Ovid's City: Rome in the Ars Amatoria and the Fasti" - Advised by Carole Newlands
  • Elizabeth Deacon - "Tellers of Long Tales: Homeric Structures in the Greek Ideal Novel" - Advised by John Gibert

University of Florida

  • Andrew P. Clark - "Solon the Poet, Solon the Lawgiver, Solon the Sage: The Changing Narrative and Historical Personage of Solon of Athens" - Advised by Robert S. Wagman
  • Rob Conn - "Vernae in the Roman Republic" - Advised by Velvet Yates
  • Neil Beers - "Love and the Nature of Things: Ovid's Reception of Lucretius and his Poetic Immortality" - Advised by Velvet Yates
  • April Spratley - "Musical Instruments and Intertextuality in Ovid" - Advised by Konstantinos Kapparis
  • Tim Griffith - "Lactantius, On the Anger of God" - Advised by Konstantinos Kapparis
  • Jennifer Nelson - "Gian Vittorio Rossi's Eudemia: Annotated Edition of Books 1-5 with an Introduction and Translation" - Advised by Jennifer Rea
  • Paloma Rodriguez - "Sacrilegae Artes: Attitudes Toward Prostitution in the Roman World" - Advised by Konstantinos Kapparis
  • Kory Plockmeyer - "Cultural Exchange and the Empire of Alexander: A Postcolonial Analysis of Quintus Curtius Rufus" - Advised by Victoria Pagan

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Sebastian Anderson - "Poetry in Public" - Advised by Craig Williams
  • Orestis Karatzoglou - "Fear of Personal Death in Plato" - Advised by Kirk Sanders
  • Aine McVey - "Suetonius' Use of Anecdotes in De Vita Caesarum" - Antony Augoustakis

University of Iowa

  • Robert K. Morley - "Poverty in the Fictional Works of Petronius and Apuleius" - Advised by Craig A. Gibson
  • Tyler Fyotek - "Deathics: Homeric Ethics as Thanatology" - Advised by Paul Dilley
  • Jeremy Swist - "Roman Kings and their Exempla in Post-Augustan Imperial Historiography" - Advised by Sarah E. Bond
  • Matthew Horrell - "Epic Hyperbole in Homer" - Advised by Robert C. Ketterer
  • Caitlin A. Marley - "Sentiments, Networks, Literary Biography: Towards a Mesoanalysis of Cicero's Corpus" - Advised by Paul Dilley
  • Jacqueline Jones - "At Cliff's Edge: Studies of the Single Heroides" - Advised by Robert C. Ketterer
  • Vanessa Espinosa - "Submitting to God: A Comparative Study of Apuleius's Metamorphoses, Augustine's Confessions, and Aelius Aristides's Sacred Tales" - Advised by John F. Finamore

University of Michigan

  • David Morphew - "Passionate Platonism: Plutarch on the Positive Role of Non-Rational Affects in the Good Life" - Advised by Victor Caston

University of Missouri - Columbia

  • Justin James - "Emblem of Empire: The Roman Army as Symbol for Roman Identity in Late Republican and Early Imperial Literature" - Advised by Dennis Trout
  • Claire McGraw - "Imperial Gods: divine Representations and the Imperial Cult in Rome" - Advised by Dennis Trout
  • Christopher Dobbs - "Not Just Fun and Games: Exploring Ludic Elements in Greek and Latin Literature " - Advised by Raymond Marks
  • Katy Chenoweth - "Mapping Seneca: Cognitive Cartography and Moral Imagination in the Natural Questions" - Advised by Raymond Marks

University of New Brunswick

  • Marilyn Sarah McGrath - "A Search for the Homeland of Horses Found at Bronze Age Greek Sites" - Advised by Maria Papaioannou (Classics) and Sue Blair (Anthropology)

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

  • Cicek Beeby - "Spatial Narratives of Mortuary Landscapes in Early Iron Age Greece" - Advised by Donald Haggis
  • John Beeby - "Literary and Archaeological Etruscans on the First Century BCE" - James Rives
  • William Begley - "The Avignon Manuscript and the Transmission of Rufinus' Translation of Origen's Peri Archon" - Advised by Robert Babcock
  • Emma Buckingham - "Identity and Material Culture in the Interplay of Locals and Greek Settlers in Sicily and the Early Archaic Period" - Advised by Donald Haggis and Carla Antonaccio
  • Patrick Dombrowski - "Magic and Supersititions and Roman Popular Religion" - Advised by James Rives
  • Sarah Miller Esposito - "Commemorating the Past in Herodotus' ethnographic logoi" - Advised by Emily Baragwanath
  • Sarah Hilker - "From Houses to Settlements: A Consideration of Mycenaean Social Structure" - Advised by Donald Haggis
  • Catharine Judson - "Protogeometric and Geometric Crete" - Advised by Donald Haggis
  • Keith Penich - "Vision and Narrative in Apollonius' Argonautica" - Advised by James O'Hara
  • Matthew Schueller - "Public Entertainment Venues as Network Actors in Roman Macedonia and Thrace" - Advised by Jennifer Gates-Foster and Herica Valladares
  • Tedd Wimperis - "Vergil's Political Myths: Cultural Memory and Constructed Ethnicity in the Aeneid" - Advised by James O'Hara
  • Jessica Wise - "Gender, Speech, Authority: Ovid's Fasti and Augustan Thought on Women" - Advised by Sharon James

University of Pennsylvania

  • William Beck - "The Narrative of the Iliad: Time, Space, and Plot" - Advised by Bridget Murnaghan
  • Alice Hu - "The Epic Successors of Tragedy: Problems of Generation and Overliving in the Reception of Greek Tragedy in Roman Epic" - Advised by Joseph Farrell
  • Amy Lewis - "Aristophanes' Vulgar Poetics" - Advised by Ralph Rosen
  • Scheharezade Kahn - "Pseudonymous Authors of the Second Sophistic" - Advised by Ralph Rosen
  • Marcie Persyn - "Bilingual and Multicultural Allusions from Meleager to Varro" - Advised by Cynthia Damon

University of Southern California

  • Thomas Sapsford - "The Life of the Kinaidoi" - Advised by Thomas Habinek
  • Robert Matera - "The Vulnerable Corpus of Propertius" - Advised by Thomas Habinek
  • Russell Pascatore - "Zeus' Plan in Early Greek Poetry's Construction of Political and Social Identity" - Advised by William Thalmann
  • Christian Lehmann - "The End of Augustan Literature: Ovid's Epistulae ex Ponto IV" - Advised by Anthony Boyle
  • Afroditi Angelopoulou - "Emotionality and the Embodiment of Morality in Aeschylean Tragedy" - Advised by William Thalmann
  • Louis Palazzo - "The Garden of Atticus" - Advised by Thomas Habinek
  • Matthew Chaldekas - "Vision in Theocritus: Perception, Performance, Poetics" - Advised by William Thalmann
  • Jennifer Devereaux - "The Enacted Text: Evidence for Mind-Body Analogy as a Structuring Mechanism in Latin Texts" - Advised by Thomas Habinek
  • Elke Nash - "Honor and Women in Greek Tragedy" - Advised by William Thalmann and Thomas Habinek

University of Texas at Austin

  • Andrea Pittard - "In the Eye of the Beholder: Audience Reaction to Gender Performance in Ancient Rome" - Advised by Andrew M. Riggsby
  • Margaret Clark - "Laying the Groundwork: Agricultural Land in the Roman Agricultural Imaginary" - Advised by Andrew M. Riggsby
  • Benjamin Crowther - "Life on the Streets: Architecture and Community along the Colonnaded Avenues of the Roman Empire (1st-4th c. CE) - Advised by Rabun Taylor
  • Stephanie Craven - "The Mercenaries of Hellenistic Crete" - Advised by Paula J. Perlman
  • Kyle Sanders - "Pindar and the Enigmatic Tradition" - Advised by Thomas K. Hubbard
  • Colin Yarborough - "Xenophon's Political Class: Revitalization and Reconciliation in the 4th Century" - Advised by Paula J. Perlman
  • Laura Takakjy - "Building a Home in Atomic Rome: Lucretius on the Biological Family and Community" - Advised by Lesley Dean-Jones
  • Einav Denbin - "Weaving Practices Outside Athens: The Case of the epinetra" - Advised by Nassos Papalexandrou

University of Virginia

  • Hilary Bouxsein – “Talking Truth: The Vocabulary of Honesty in Archaic Greek Poetry” – Advised by Jenny Strauss Clay
  • Megan Bowen – “Prayer in Ovid’s Metamorphoses” – Advised by John Miller and K. Sara Myers
  • Timothy Brannelly  – “A Clash of Characters: Jupiter and Juno in Ovid’s Fasti” – Advised by K. Sara Myers and John Miller
  • Courtney Evans – “Time in the Odes of Horace” – Advised by Jenny Strauss Clay
  • Mary Gilbert – “Racine Reads the Ancients: Andromaque, Britannicus, Iphigénie and Phèdre” – Advised by Jon Mikalson
  • David Hewett – The First Person Narratives in Seneca’s Epistles” – Advised by Gregory Hays
  • Sarah Miller – “The Rhetoric of apologia in Cicero’s Letters” – Advised by Jane Crawford
  • Jocelyn Moore – “When You Can’t Go Home Again: The Destruction of the oikos in Greek Tragedy”  – Advised by Jon Mikalson
  • Nick Rich – “Word Order in Latin Accusativus cum infinitivo Constructions” – Advised by Coulter George
  • Sarah Teets – “One is not born a Greek: Josephus and Cultural Identity in the Against Apion” – Advised by John Dillery
  • Evan Waters – “Lucian and Greek Historiography” – Advised by John Dillery
  • Sarah Herbert - "The Philosopher and the Farmer: Socrates and Spatial Metaphor in Plato, Xenophon, and Cicero" - Advised by K. Sara Myers

University of Washington

  • Edward Bertany – “Apollo through Time and Space: From Homer’s Troy to Ovid’s Rome” – Advised by Olga Levaniouk
  • Matthew Gorey – “Physics and History in Virgil’s Aeneid” – Advised by Stephen Hinds
  • Eunice Kim – “The Fugitive: Murder and Exile in the Age of Heroes” – Advised by Olga Levaniouk
  • Xiaoran Luo – Polyphemus and His World” —Advised by Stephen Hinds
  • Alberto Requejo – “Hesiod, Lucretius, and Virgil in Columella's Treatise on Agriculture: Ideology and Intertext” - Advised by Stephen Hinds
  • Adriana Vazquez – “Vates and Initiates: Augustan Poetic Manipulation of Greek Mystery Cult” – Advised by Olga Levaniouk

University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Mary Clare Dolinar - "Between Gods and Mortals: Divinity, Mortality, and Religious Ritual in Euripides" - Advised by Laura McClure
  • Stephen Geiger - "The Conquered Conqueres: The Art of Exile in Josephus" - Advised by Jeffrey Beneker
  • Molly Harris - "Leaving War Behind: War, Return, and Survival in Greek Tragedy" - Advised by Laura McClure
  • Rachel Hart - "Identity and Truth in Greek Ethnographic Texts" - Jeffrey Beneker
  • Marie La Fond - "οὔτω τοι τόδε σῆμα πιφαύσκομαι: Significant Objects in the Odyssey" - Advised by Patricia Rosenmeyer

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