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All SCS book series have been discontinued. No new proposals are being considered at this time.

All SCS monographs, textbooks, and editions still in print and distributed by Oxford University Press may be found here.

  • See here the two most recent commentaries, "Serviani in Vergili Aeneidos libros IX-XII commentarii," edited by Charles Murgia and completed by Robert Kaster, and "Emperors and Usurpers, An Historical Commentary on Cassius Dio's Roman History," by Andrew Scott
  • See here the supplementary materials for the 2nd edition of Sallust's Bellum Catilinae by John T. Ramsey (2007). The complete Latin text of the Bellum Catilinae as it appears in the printed edition is now available there. The text is made available in two formats, which may be downloaded free of charge. The PDF file preserves the length of the lines in the printed edition, with notations of page numbers in the margin. The Word file will permit users to adjust the size of the font, line spacing, and width of margins to suit personal needs. By printing out either file, it will possible for the Latin text and commentary to be used side by side. In both files, brief headings in English have been added to make navigation of the Latin text easier. Please direct comments and corrigenda to the author at

A list of recently published monograph titles may be found here.