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Monograph Publications of the American Philological Association

The Monograph Series has been discontinued. No new proposals are being considered at this time.

In conjunction with Oxford University Press-USA, the American Philological Association (APA) publishes original scholarship by its members in the series American Classical Studies. OUP-USA is also the distributor of previous publications both in this series and in the series Philological Monographs (which is no longer distinct). Through production and distribution by OUP-USA, APA monographs receive world-wide advertising and distribution. Titles previously published in both American Classical Studies and Philological Monographs are now available on the website

Recent books published in this series are:

  • 45: Meyer Reinhold, Studies in Classical History and Society, 2002
  • 46: Luciano Floridi, Sextus Empiricus. The Transmission and Recovery of Pyrrhonism, 2002
  • 47: Peter Michael Swan, The Augustan Succession: An Historical Commentary on Cassius Dio's Roman History Books 55-56 (9 B.C.-A.D. 14), 2004
  • 48: Alan Cameron, Greek Mythography in the Roman World, 2004
  • 49: Scott McGill, Virgil Recomposed: The Mythological and Secular Centos in Antiquity, 2005
  • 50: Judith Ginsburg, Representing Agrippina: Constructions of Female Power in the Early Roman Empire, 2005
  • 51: Catherine Keane, Figuring Genre in Roman Satire, 2006
  • 52: Bruce Heiden, Homer's Cosmic Fabrication: Choice and Design in the "Iliad", 2008
  • 53: Judson Herrman, Hyperides: Funeral Oration, 2009
  • 54: Noel Robertson, Religion and Reconciliation in Greek Cities: The Sacred Laws of Selinus and Cyrene, 2009
  • 55: Robert Kaster, Studies on the Text of Macrobius’ “Saturnalia”, 2010
  • 56: R. Scott Garner, Traditional Elegy: The Interplay of Meter, Tradition, and Context in Early Greek Poetry, 2010

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