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Blog: The Mythic Truth of Black Panther

by Patrice Rankine

One of the precepts of Joseph Campbell’s Hero of a Thousand Faces, in fact of his life work of studying myth, generally, is that myth is truer than the truth itself. The metaphoric power of storytelling is such that the story precedes reality. When one deploys the metaphor “my love is a red rose,” the statement suggests the profound truth of the beauty of love, its exquisiteness, its sensual power.

The movie Black Panther is a red, red rose; it is mythic truth. This movie’s power is mesmerizing, its epic storytelling so real that it opens our eyes to an absence we didn’t even fully fathom was there. It tells a story of diaspora and an African pristineness that precedes compromise, corruption, and penetration. Wakanda’s Edenic purity implicitly asks what the world Read more …